How to Deal With LVNV Funding, LLC

How to Deal With LVNV Funding, LLC

Being contacted by any company that demands money can be devastating. What if they do not formally contact you and the company is threatening to take you to court? How do you respond? What if you do not know how to respond, or that you need to respond?

This could all happen to you if you are dealing with a company by the name of LVNV Funding, LLC. You could very well be in the middle of purchasing a new home when an old debt resurfaces, adding a negative item to your credit report that could damage your chances of securing a great finance rate.

Educating yourself on debt collection firms and their practices can better prepare you in the fight to repair your good credit or keep it from being destroyed.

Are you dealing with LVNV Funding and/or negative items on your credit report, and want them removed? Our research of the top credit repair companies can help.

Who is LVNV Funding, LLC?

You may have seen LVNV Funding on your credit report. Understand that this is a debt purchasing agency. They purchase old debt portfolios from other companies. The portfolios include credit grantors and other debt buyers.

LVNV Funding, in Las Vegas, Nevada, may appear on your credit report or letter. However, that does not mean someone from the company will be calling you.

Unlike other negative items that you may find lounging on your report, LVNV Funding, LLC does not actively pursue delinquent debt. Instead, the company subcontracts the debt collection efforts. They do this with companies like Resurgent Capital Services.

Both LVNV Funding and Resurgent are essentially owned by Sherman Financial Group, LLC. They work in tandem to secure funds for their business by collecting debt from consumers.

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Can LVNV Funding pursue me?

LVNV Funding can and will pursue you for an old debt. This is as long as they have a name, address, account and telephone number. These are the basic informational needs of the organization to come after you for money.

LVNV Funding purchases portfolios of old debt that contains:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Debt amounts
  • Last known addresses

Oftentimes, this is all of the information that they have available to them. That is because they are in the market of purchasing old debt by the thousands. This means that LVNV may not have other information available to them. That information includes dates and recent payment histories.

Without the correct dates of a debt, LVNV may be pursuing you for something older than 7 years. They may also not have current payment information if the previous owner tried to collect and the consumer decided to pay.

LVNV will typically file a lawsuit. That is well within their rights if they own the debt and you owe the debt. They do this in hopes that you do not reply to the court summons or that they send the server to the incorrect address.

You may have moved or your information has changed. In that case, more than likely, you will not become aware that this is happening until there is a judgment to garnish your wages.

Those practices can be seen as unscrupulous. Therefore, it goes without saying that the company has many complaints against them.

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What are others saying about LVNV Funding?

We read through many complaints. It seems that the most common occurrence from LVNV Funding is their tactic to sue someone, even for old debt. Because they buy debt portfolios, they are looking for maximum results with likely minimum effort.

If you are not at the address of service to receive notice of a court date, LVNV may win their case against you. The occurrence of “not doing proper due diligence” can stand up in court. It is up to you to fight it.

Another complaint about LVNV is that they pursue very old debts and judgments made on debts outside the statute of limitations. This means that LVNV cannot legally sue you for the debt. However, they may attempt to, based on the information on their spreadsheet.

Because of LVNV Funding’s limited information, other complainants have stated that the company refuses to validate debt even after several attempts. The only information they seem to furnish is the name and address of the original creditor. That satisfies parts of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act’s (FDCPA) requirements (see our guide on the FDCPA here).

The common theme for LVNV’s practices seems to be that of minimalism. They’re discouraged to further pursue the consumer when more roadblocks are in the way.

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How can you deal with LVNV?

The first step is to answer their letters with a certified letter (retaining a copy for your records). Then request debt validation within 30 days of receipt of their letter. They must halt collection efforts for 30 days once LVNV receives this letter.

If you do not receive a letter with the information, then you can ask for deletion of the account based on failure to produce debt validation.

If you are sent a court summons because you are being sued for the debt, it is best that you prepare by either filing debt validation letters, getting the Better Business Bureau involved to help in debt validation efforts, or contact the original creditor for verification of your debt on their end.

If your original creditor shows that you have paid your debt in full or the last date of delinquency is outside the statute of limitations (SOL), then you can ask LVNV to stop collection and judgment efforts, as they would be violating FDCPA laws that state they must legally be able to sue you for the debt.

As stated above, LVNV Funding thrives by taking the easiest path to contact the consumer. They do that in hopes that the consumer does the least (or nothing at all) to counter the efforts to collect.

This tactic may work for a percentage of the revenue generated by LVNV. However, there are times when you have the ability to halt their progress.

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What if LVNV is listed on my credit report?

If you find LVNV Funding, LLC on your credit report, you should tackle the issue immediately, as they work swiftly and simply. A credit repair agency can tackle their efforts immediately, sending out the right material and recording responses on your behalf.

Credit repair firms have experience with debt collectors, and I am more than certain they have encountered and won against LVNV Funding, LLC.

Your main goal with LVNV is to have them verify the debt, in hopes that they cannot. You also want to avoid a judgement, which you will owe even if the debt is not yours or valid. Even if LVNV does not legally own the debt, they may still attempt to collect money from you.

It is in your best interest to follow procedures to remove the debt. Using the credit reporting agencies, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or a credit repair firm as a middleman in dealing with crooked debt collectors may save you from paying thousands of dollars for a decade-old debt.

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Can you file a Credit Dispute?

Yes, you can write a credit dispute letter to the credit bureau(s) who report the LVNV Funding, LLC item if there are any inaccuracies in the entry on your report. If you find even a single error in the entry, you can demand for the entire item to be deleted or corrected.

Study every detail of the LVNV entry – your address, account opening date, payment dates, balances, amounts owed, name. Note each incorrect or faulty piece of information you find.

Prepare a dispute letter to be sent to each of the three credit reporting bureaus, or each of the bureaus who show LVNV on your report with an inaccuracy. List each of the incorrect items you found in the credit entry, and request removal and/or correction.

The bureaus you contacted will then have 30 days from the date they received your letter to respond.

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The debt collection industry can be lucrative for the businesses that participate, but often become a nightmare for consumers. The reappearance of an old debt can be both frightening and overwhelming, but you can take care of it.

Companies like LVNV Funding, LLC may use certain practices that lead consumers into bankruptcy, but they damage their reputations and BBB rankings in the process. This makes consumers wary of dealing with the firms, leaving them susceptible to judgment cases.

Some things to remember when dealing with LVNV Funding are:

  • Never admit the debt over the phone.
  • Ask for debt verification before the allotted time period is over
  • Follow up with your complaints

Being ahead of the curve allows you the necessary time to review the information presented to you and secure payment to pay off the old debts, if need be. When dealing with a firm that does not play fair (based on the number of complaints and reported lawsuits), you might consider the viable defense of a reputable credit repair firm in your corner.

Shantal Darby

About Shantal Darby

Shantal has developed a passion for credit and debt management over the years in pursuit of cleaning up her own credit. She volunteers information on credit and debt literacy, helping those around her achieve their own credit goals. She holds an MBA from the Louisiana State University in Shreveport and a Bachelor in business administration from Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, Florida.

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100 thoughts on “How to Deal With LVNV Funding, LLC

  1. This has been the most informative information I’ve found. Been trying to help a friend who was served a summons by this company.

  2. Read up on your state laws!! For example, in Pennsylvania they cannot garnish wages for consumer credit cards. Also the statute of limits is short – only 4 years from the last payment missed, or last payment made. Under no circumstances admit that you owe the debt because that might restart the clock.

  3. Look up exemption by filing it with the court to stop the garnishment. Been in collection many years and, yes some people don’t pay the bills till its to late and some deserve it as a lesson. But many people just dont know how to get around it. Good luck pleanty of info by googling your issues.

  4. My names is lisa grandberry i do not no who is lvn company the is taking money out my check snd the need to stop because i dont have any money for them to be taking out my dam check

  5. There really are good people left in the world. I reached out to Sarah 5 DAYS before my court date stressed because I read so many comments posted on here how these horrible collections companies can win in court with out having the proper guidance in court. I didn’t have any money for a lawyer and I couldn’t afford them to garnish my wages because I just started working part time. Sarah guides me step by step and the LVNV book was priceless. I won on January 8, 2020. When I got the paper work stating in favor of the Defendant I was very emotional . My life fell apart in 2017 due to lack of work. The fact that these companies can prey on people who had a misfortune in their life is sad. Thank you Sarah so much you relieved a major stressor in my life.

    1. I am happy I was able to help and you were able to win your case Monique. Since my comment back in April, I have been able to help hundreds of people win their cases against LVNV. All thanks to Shantel and her awesome blog!! Many people helped me when I was down and out and now I get to help others. What comes around, goes around also pertains to goodness. I don’t want anyone to feel they are alone and have nowhere to turn, that’s the worst feeling ever.

  6. no caller id showed up said “county I live in” dispatch steve Henderson (something like that) reaching (me) at (address) with documents to sign. details call back 877-637-7730. so I called they said it’s a debt and I’m being sued for $2000 for a debt that was 500$ balance. legal someplace or other. pending wage garnishment. I said ok. said we can settle now out of court, I replied I am broke as I’m about to have surgery so there’s that.

    last i checked LVNV funding had that debt on credit karma.

  7. I have been dealing with LVNV Funding LLC for a few years now. The account is one that was opened fraudulently and has the proper police reports/identity theft reports submitted to their company as well as the original company. They have agreed to remove the account from my credit report and it has actually been deleted more than once but as soon as I apply for credit of some sort it reappears ruining my credit again. This has been going on for about 2 years. Is there someone I can report that to?

    1. You can open a complaint at and they will address it immediately with LVNV. Upload the supportive documentation you have to expedite the process..

  8. Can they continue to add amounts to the original debt total? I thought once the account with the credit card company was closed interest can no longer accrue. A collection agency can add their collection costs to the total but these costs cannot accrue over time. If one agency sells the debt then those costs do not transfer with the sum. Thus, your total owed should not vary or continue to grow over time. I’ve paid off some of my old debts and numbers didn’t change over time. LVNV is trying to grow this number, which is fradulent but I believe its an effort to get me to call about the debt and when they appear to forgive some of it, its just them taking away from the imaginary side of it. Am I mistaken?

    1. Check the original debt amount on your credit report with the creditor and make sure it coincides with LVNV ORIGINAL debt amount, the two have to match or it is a violation of the FCRA. LVNV can charge interest on the original debt and court costs if they file a law suit. The only thing the creditor can’t do is continue to report late payments along with the collection company, this is double dipping. The creditor must make the account balance zero dollars when sold to a collection company.

  9. I just received a notice from my employer that there was a judgment made for 25% of my checks to be garnished. I was never served a summons to appear in court the only paperwork received was a packet from my employer. There is a page with a judges signature, why was I not notified of this court date. The paperwork provided from my employer shows the creditor as LVNV Funding LLC, an address and their lawyers phone number. They didn’t even provide the original lender and I don’t know what to do, I can’t afford 25% of my income to be taken. Can anyone give me any advice on what I need to do to stop this from happening!?

    1. Hello. I’m in the exact same predicament at this time. Such a horrible feeling. Did you get your questions answered? What did you do moving forward from this stage? If you can provide me with any advice, it would be infinitely appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    2. You can go to the clerk of courts in your county (they might have a website to see civil cases as well) and request all documentation regarding your case. The sheriff must sign off on the served documents and the location or person they served, or attempted to serve, your summons. Here is the kicker, by law they only have to make attempts, if you moved in the last two years they can serve your last address. In turn, you would have no knowledge. Lastly, there was a local attorney involved who must notify you by law that you are being sued, which will be on the court documents as well, so contact them for their documentation as well. If all else fails you can contact a collections attorney or see my number in a below comment for help at no charge. Their practices are despicable

      1. I was wondering if you had any tips on my situation and any information will be greatly appreciated.. I’m a a single dad who hasn’t worked a legitimate job in years and I just started working again and about 5 months after starting I get a paper in the mail from my employer saying lvnv is garnishing my wages and I got a calculation sheet saying what they are going to start taking but never say when it starts or what the original debt was even for.. I cant afford for them to take 1/4 of my check for the next year or more..I think they were sending papers to my old address because I dont even know what this debt was for and all the debt I owed was from like 10-15 years ago and I would of paid them if it was legitimate debt that I owed but I have no clue..i live in Michigan and i think the SOL is 6 years.. I’m kinda freaking out because I get no support from my kids mother and I’m paying the Bill’s for me and my daughter on top of helping support my mother.. this almost 5 grand debt is going to completely destroy me so any help would be amazing.. thank you

    3. Check the original debt amount on your credit report with the creditor and make sure it coincides with LVNV ORIGINAL debt amount, the two have to match or it is a violation of the FCRA. LVNV can charge interest on the original debt and court costs if they file a law suit. The only thing the creditor can’t do is continue to report late payments along with the collection company, this is double dipping. The creditor must make the account balance zero dollars when sold to a collection company.

      1. Sarah I just received Garnishment from my employer it has Answer of continuing garnishment. In one of your previous post you mentioned you can help, I just need clarity and what the next step. Can I please have your phone number.

  10. I have been dealing with LVNV Funding for a few years. I disputed the initial credit card that I used that sold my account to LVNV so now my collections is under them. They ended up freezing my bank account and when they didnt get all the money they then garnished my wages. All for a credit card balance of $700, with interest it kept raising a few dollars. It’s now sitting at over $800. They collected all the money stated on the garnishment and yet to have it stated paid in full on my credit and guess what, the interest increased again. I am not paying another penny to this company. They got the money they garnished now they need to be removed from my credit report. I disputed it with Experian and it came back that its not been paid. Are you kidding me. If they garnished my wages to just say they never got paid that is one thing they will loose. I want this removed immediately!!!!

  11. lvnv are cowards. and they cannot validate anything as a debt collector is not an original party to a contract. Validation or verification is not satisfied with a statement or a bill, that could still be fraud. If they are indeed the holder of the account then they must prove it with an original contract, a recorded phone conversation, something that bears your signature, i.e. e signature – something to prove you owe them and that you are paying the right people. If they cannot provide any of these demand they cease reporting and contact the original creditor and/or credit reporting agencies. Sue them for damages if they do not provide what you ask for and continue to harass/report.

    send the letter demanding they prove to you they are the equitable title owner of the account. send it certified and get it notarized. keep copy of the letter and the return receipt. Send the letter 3 times. They should stop after the 1st, if they do not, or they send you some bogus statement or bill – on the 3rd letter, send them a notice of dishonor and file a copy of what you sent in the county clerks office (the letter, notarized, and mail receipts). Claim damages up to $1500 (I believe? not sure could be higher). If you need assistance with this service contact thru email: phanessagrace [at] gmail (dot) com

  12. I am going to court on 18 of dec 2019. I tried making payment I could afford with original company as I am on ssi they would not except a small amount without adding extra charges then all of a sudden I get a court summons from lvnv. I am going to be there in court and hope Judge sees I will pay small amt a month but I don’t have extra money for anything. Or hey put me in jail I’m old sick and tired so let them pay for my housing and meds.

  13. I got a letter from this collection agency called Niagara Credit Solutions Inc, and their representing LVNV funding. and demanding that I pay this old debt from the year 2007. This was originally Davids bridle credit card , I purchased my wedding dress there back in 2007. And i did make payments for about one year , then the economy went to hell I lost my Job and car almost lost my house . And then this company put a lean on my house and took money out of my account. Then more years went by and here we are again I’m so sick and tired of this company . And their charging me an amount that’s incorrect I only owe them 1,500 and their charging me 3,400 like are you serious. Like the original debt was in 2007 , then LVNV funding is still chasing me for a debt that’s practically almost 13 years old ..Please someone help me . Years ago I was supposed to show up in court but i honestly don’t remember getting any noticed in the mail about it . then they garnished my bank account and put a lean in my house . their trying to make me pay something that’s obviously so long ago i don’t even go by that name anymore

  14. LVNV are sharks! Period. They will hire the most reputable and crooked law firms to win a wage garnishment against you. You must act fast and with knowledge… (get legal aid if you can) and keep any and all paperwork for proof. They came after me for a 19 year old debt in MA that I thought was dismissed since my credit report says “0” owed. A law firm got a judgement against me when They said that I ignored a letter that I never recvd to appear in court. In MA it’s 20 years on a judgement that can stay active whether you owe the money or not. It was a snake move. Pathetic and super disturbing. No way to prove it at that point …so they win. They summonsed me into court again because I refused to pay (no proof that i owed this debt)..and now they are garnishing my wages. Tricky dickies :-). Scam shady! There are many lawsuits against them across the country. Beware if you get a letter from them and do not ignore it and hire an atty if you can. Good luck! They dont go away.

    1. You should sue them for persuing a debt past the statute of limitations. There is no way in hell that they can have a judgement against you after the statute of limitations and garnish your wages. The judge would easily toss that out and win in your favor. When you get summons to court they have to prove without a reasonable doubt that you owe that debt and once it’s past the statute of limitations even if a so called letter was sent they cannot sue you at all.

  15. When this company first called me, I thought it was a loan company. They asked me all these quest and because, I am niece, I complied. They later stated that I have a credit card that was put into collections and that I owed $1300.
    I had never had this credit card and they didn’t have my current name that I had for 10 years.
    It didn’t help disputing this. I even called the credit card company and the credit bureau and it was never in my report. Still isn’t.
    They are currently garnishing my wages for $7000.00
    What can I do???

  16. I settled with Mandarich Law Group after they sued me in Florida Court. They originally came after me for a $2559 charge plus court costs for around $2900 total. I settled for $1750 and received a letter from MLG stating the account status is settled in full and they would direct LVNV to update their files. A few weeks later LVNV still showed on my credit report as charged off $800. No biggie, I assume these things take time. A month and a half later it now shows as charged off $801. How is a collection agency adding extra charges? Why does it still show charged off? What are my options? If it makes any sort of difference the original delinquency from Credit One Bank passes the SoL at the end of the month.

    At this point I don’t even care about the money, I just want to be done with these creeps.

  17. I’ll be NV kept sending notices but they were so wonky looking and unprofessional that I did not think they were legitimate company. I really thought these guys were just trying to scam me out of money so I ignored there letters. Where in the 21st-century and they send you notifications that look like they came from publishers clearing House, and I think that is how they get away with doing shady things by making their legitimate notifications and requests look like junk mail! We were recently sued by them and settled because we tried everything you see online about requesting certain documentation from them such as statements and payment dates, etc. but they were able to furnish all of those documents. Over a year before this I had sent them a letter asking for information because I wasn’t sure if they were legitimate or not, and like everyone else that you will read about, they never bothered sending me anything back! So they will not work with you, they ignore you, and then they just wait to pounce! And they will absolutely recover any fees it cost them to sue you. We settled for less than what we owed but then they tacked on all of the attorneys fees. And the attorney office that they hire is literally just a call center within the law offices! So again, when you call, you feel like you’re just being scammed and that it’s all a hoax and you’re very hesitant to send them any money. But we were being legitimately sued and I did file a response but they did not let down. That’s why they went ahead and settled because garnishment and a judgment is just so awful to face! My suggestion is that if they do bother to see you and they can provide the documentation you request, the sooner you call Mandarich Law Group (which is the law firm that represents them), the better so that your attorneys fees are not substantial. The attorney has offices in Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington state. They also have counsel in California, Hawaii and Utah! So they are practiced in law in so many states that they will get you.

  18. I mailed my debt verification letter last week. If they do not respond after 30 days the only proof I will have is a copy of the letter that I sent. Will that be sufficient evidence to have this removed from my credit? How do I prove that they did not respond?

  19. I just received a notice of a lien byLVNV attached to TD bank statements, I purchased CD’s for my grandkids throughout the years. I called TD and was told that LVNV has already started taking money.. I’ve never gotten a letter or notice and the lady on the phone said it was from Ally financing so I don’t know what to do, I am on Social Security and I’m very shocked that they can take money that is put in a CD for children without any bone contacting me what do I do

    1. If your social security money is mixed in with any other monies it can only take that. SSdi and ssi is federally protected but I don’t understand it your bank should know that social security money is protected. Hope you have as direct deposit it into your bank acct. But not sure how they taken it if they didn’t serve you with a summons and take you to court to get a judgment. Ask the bank to ser the judgment or go to your court to see how you were supposedly served. Just doesnt make sense. I’m in new york state .

  20. My husband just received a judgement from them and I don’t remember being served or having to sign for a certified letter. It doesn’t say who the original creditor is.

    1. Yes my father was served a summons for myself . The guy he said was pounding on the window. When he opened the door he asked do you know Shirley ? and said I know your not Shirley. And handed him the papers and left . Is that legal in NYS. LVNV ” NEVER – EVER ” even offered to a payment plan. I explained I was disabled and the amount owed was incorrect and I am disabled and cannot be sued. I’ve been disabled my entire life. When I emailed them that response. I wasn’t trying to be wise. I have documentation proving. They could have worked with me. But on the reviews on BBB of LVNV are ” not ” good.

  21. Credit was stolen about 2.5 years ago and all but one company worked with me to correct my accounts. While I had assumed this account was shut down, the creditor sent it for collections. I have received only 1 letter from LVNV about 6 months ago, to which I responded requesting a verification letter, and I received nothing from them. Now I have to appear in court in 2 weeks. I am not able to afford a consumer attorney, so looking to defend myself. What should I bring to court to show the judge? I never opened a police report because my primary bank caught the activity so fast that I shut everything down and closed my credit accounts completely and only kept a credit account with them. I do paperless everything, and can’t even login to the app/online account with the account information I have on this lingering card.

    1. Get a continuance on the hearing date. Request it ASAP. Ask a clerk for help. If they will not help you, call legal aid (if you qualify) and ask them for help. Worst case scenario, write out on a piece of paper that you need a continuance and sign_date it and give it to the clerk. Put the case d on it if you can find it. Then go file a police report. Just because you didn’t file it years ago should not mean that you are barred from doing so now. I would think that bringing in a police report stating that the debt was not authorized or incurred by you would make theirs a losing case. Personally I would counter-sue the plaintiff/debt collection agency for harassment and abuse if civil process.

      1. Check with your legal aid, or your lawyer, but you can request dismissal, demand proof of service, counter sue (as suggested above), you may also request discovery documents and proof of debt prior to the trial (I believe it is “request for production of documents” (google it); if they don’t respond you may motion the court to compel discovery and if they ignore the court order, you can request a motion to dismiss. You may also request through the court, a request for interrogatories – in which you may ask questions. There is certain wording to add to these requests informing the plaintiff that as a defendant you will be requesting a dismissal if the requests are ignored. Keep proof, get proof of delivery on all correspondence. I would get legal advice from a lawyer – ask friends and family if they know someone in their family or circle that works for or is a lawyer if you can’t afford to hire one direct. You need to make it as difficult for them as possible. Fight like hell if your innocent! BUT don’t do nothing.

  22. LVNV was listed on my credit report and kept increasing the amount owed by $1 every month to make it appear as though it was a current debt that was continuing to grow. I reported this to the credit bureau and inquired if this was even legal – they are not the original creditor – they are a collection agency! How can they add money to a debt they are supposed to be trying to collect on? (Not to mention this was an old debt that was already paid off!)

    I filed a dispute with the credit bureau and – voila! – LVNV is no longer on my report! They removed the debt. I hope they also went after LVNV for this shady practice.

    1. Dealing with these morons right now. Apparently over 10 years ago somebody opened up a Citibank account under my name and accumulated 1,700 in debt. Now I’m stuck trying to figure my way out of this mess. I received a letter from them telling me that I have to get a police report, and get a report from the bank, and as well as any judgments made against the person that stole my account. Considering that the person that took my account has long been gone, I don’t know exactly how I’m supposed to do this. Having accounts and social security numbers really suck, because anybody can steal your information and you’re the one left making the payments. If anybody can help me with some useful information on how to deal with this that would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Get the police report stating that you did not authorize or incur the debt. Make a copy. That should allow them to get reimbursed by their business insurance and leave you well enough alone.

        If not there is always small claims court or hiring an attorney yourself if you can afford it.

    2. Hi Sam, you mentioned you filed a dispute with the credit bureau and they removed the debt. Can you please tell me how you outlined the letter?

      Thank you

    3. They will not go after the collection agency. HOWEVER, they do not want to take reports from sloppy operators because they may also be found liable so this probably added a black mark to the collection agencies reputation with the credit bureau.

  23. No collections agency can garnish your Social Security. That money is through the government, and that is your only income. So stop worrying. That’s one thing collections agency can’t garnish. Good Luck.

  24. I am making an inquiry on behalf of my sister. She paid off this debt last year but it is still showing on her credit report. How can she get this negative item removed? She is not willing to pay twice.

    1. When your sister paid off the collection, she needs to notify all three credit agency that account is paid in full. And they should note on credit report, that collection item is paid. The only way this account is removed from her credit report is: how long has it been in collection? Most collection accounts are removed between two to seven years. Hope this helps. Good luck. PS: This can been done for free.

      1. Paid collections are deleted from credit report, just have to make sure you get something in writing as paid in full even if it’s for less the amount owed. Then just send that to credit report companies and they will remove it.

        1. Paid collections are NOT removed from reports. That is false information. It can be updated to say paid in full or sellted for less than owed but the only way to get removed is to go thru the repair process and dispute with the reporting agencies.

    2. Contact all 3 reporting agencies & report them to the Dept of Banking & Insurance, once they contact them they will remove it!

    3. I would personally dispute it with the credit bureaus directly and include proof that it was paid in full. If they do not reflect as much in their reports after receiving (certified mail containing) evidence proving it was paid, you may be able to take them to small claims court.

  25. I have a negative mark on my credit and when I looked it up it was a collection from LVNV for $595. I have no Idea what this could be and it does not say who the debt is from, like a particular credit card, etc. I have not received a letter or phone calls from LVNV. So, my question is, should I call them and ask them what this amount is?

      1. You should be able to tell for free by signing up for credit karma or credit sesame. If not, you can google 1692g on the net for a ton of sample letters you can send them via certified mail and they must give you said info within 30 days or you can sue them for more than they claim you owe them. Good luck!!

    1. You should be able to tell for free by signing up for credit karma or credit sesame. If not, you can google 1692g on the net for a ton of sample letters you can send them via certified mail and they must give you said info within 30 days or you can sue them for more than they claim you owe them. Good luck!!

  26. I just got served from this company. stating we owe an employee money in another city. I called them and said we do not have employees and never heard of the person filing claim. They said they will dissolve the claim, but I don’t buy it. How can they just send a notice of garnishing wages based on no proof? Any advice on what we should do next?

  27. I have a judgment to garnish my wages. This is from a debt from 2001! Then reopened in 2007, it’s not even on my credit report any longer. How can I fight this? I plan on going to court. What do I need to study and prepare myself with so that I may keep the money that I work very hard for in my children’s mouths and not some crooks? The whole time I thought it was a scam until I got actual court papers because it was so long ago.

      1. Hi, did you get an answer to this? I have got a judgement against me. Also, never was served anything about a court date.

        1. Same here, a judgment to garnish wages was provided by my employer, never received a court date or any other notice of debt.

    1. What kind of debt is it? It has a life between 6-10 years if Bankruptcy is included, that’s it, and all the Credit Agencies know this. They are hoping that you don’t…

    2. If it was reopened in 2007 and depending on date of last activity its probably past your states statue of limitations. IF YOU SEND THEM ANY PAYMENT IT WILL RESTART THE ACCOUNT OVER AGAIN.

    3. There is a difference between an old debt and a judgment. The statute of limitations is a limit on how long they have to take action against you (suing you and getting a judgment). Once they get a judgment, in most cases, they can continue to try to collect it indefinitely. They just have to refile the judgment periodically with the legal authority in your jurisdiction (it’s just paperwork). A judgment may drop off your credit report, but that does not necessarily mean that it is not still active and enforceable. People need to take action BEFORE it comes to a judgment – never ignore a summons. If the judgment was shady to begin with (you didn’t owe, the summons wasn’t properly served) then you need to bring that to light if you still have that option. Definitely would be wise to check with an attorney. But again, NEVER ignore a summons!!

  28. I requested a modification on my home loan and they denied it because of a lien on my property. I asked who has a lien and they told me to check with my county courthouse. I found that in 2015 lvnv put a lien on my property, I have no clue who the debt is from or how old it is but I have got to figure out how to deal with lvnv and get this removed. I am disabled retired and can not pay this debt off to remove it, any advice would be a blessing.

  29. So I got a letter from an attorney’s office and I called them and they said the account is closed in their office and gave me a phone number to this LVNV Funding. I called the number and it was so static I couldn’t understand the person at all. This debt is a charge off on my credit report. Any help would be appreciated.

  30. Haven’t heard from LVNC, but 3 law firms have written me saying LVNV have filed suit against me but I may not have been served yet. They have spelled my first name all wrong, so technically the letters are coming to a non-person. May I honestly say there is no one here by that name if a process server comes to my home? Also, can they garnish/take any monies from me as my sole income is social security? I’m over 70 years old, too.

  31. I just received a court order of them Suing me for a very low amount. I called the 1800 number behind the card that their are suing me for and I got all the history when I made payments and so fourth. Their included information that the company of credit card was sold to three different companies within the same month and year.

    I never received a letter stating the company was sold to them and they will have my information going forward. Not did I receive a settlement offer from then which usually credit card companies offer. I never had any company sue me for any small amount below $800. What should I do now and what information can I track to take into court if I go forward in fighting with them in court. Any information will help so much. Thank you!

  32. How can you find out what the debt is? According to what they sent me, I never opened any account when they claim I did.

  33. I received a letter from WI circuit court saying my wages will be garnished and the creditor is LVNV. What can I do? This is from 2007 or before. My name is spelled incorrectly and my address is from 7 years ago. I got a letter from a law firm as well. Who do I contact for debt verification?

    1. Depending on your state, the debt may be deemed as noncollectable.

      These debt collectors buy these debts for pennies on the dollars in hopes someone will pay. *BEWARE…if you start to pay on a debt that was previously deemed noncollectable because of the statute, you have just made it collectible. *

      Do not be intimidated if you are served with paperwork stating you are being sued… just make sure you educate yourself on the Fair Debt Collection Practices act and the attachment rule.. It is the Plaintiff’s responsibility to prove you owe the debt.

  34. Lol.. LVNV Funding LLC is now doing this electronically over the internet. I received 2 emails from them and I simply denied saying I owe anything through their asking process on their website. It is best to deny everything and make THEM PROVE it, if they take you to court, BECAUSE after all THEY BOUGHT the supposed debt from a creditor. Buying debt from a creditor no longer gives them the right to glean certain information from you because it invalidates the privacy act with the original creditor when they SOLD your account to another company.

    It is all hearsay if someone BUYS information from someone else. Period.

    1. I agree! When someone brings you to court it is their burden of proof on you owing! However, LVNV are crooks! For me, they did not comply with law on PROPERLY SERVING ME! That is not good in a court of law and each state has its rules! Do a little research and you can get these leaches gone. WHAT NOT TO DO.. Do not pay Lexington Law for anything. Every time they sent a Debt Validation Letter they re-opened the debt. This allows them to sue you for old debt because it then resets and the statute of limitations is pushed to the new open date!

      1. That’s not true, the only way the debt becomes valid is if that you make a payment on the debt or acknowledge the debt in some cases. If you ask for a letter of validation it does not restart anything because you are simply asking to verify a debt if it’s yours or not via contract with that collection agency in which LNVN funding doesn’t have because they bought the debt and you are not contacted with them just the original creditor.

  35. My husband and I received a notice to appear for mediation where they bought an old cc that was charged off. We plan to go in hopes of settling on a lesser amount than what’s owed. However, we never received a letter or phone call that I recall. Obviously I’m going to go to court as I do not want a judgement against us. How should we proceed in mediation?

    1. Do not settle. You never signed a contract with them did you? Did they provide any goods or services to you for the money they are asking for? No!! You don’t owe this company anything! All they are hoping for is that you don’t show up to court like the majority do and they automatically get the judgement against you.

      They tried to sue my brother who is handicapped. He had no idea what he was signing up for or getting into when he filled out an application with First Premier Bank. Fighting this company has become a crusade of mine. I have helped many people win their case against LVNV at no cost. I own a firm that provides help to people who have been preyed upon by companies like LVNV.

      My name is Sarah and you may contact me at 877-926-8850. I provide all the necessary paperwork again, at no cost to you. LVNV is despicable and they have no regard for the FDCA or FCRA.

      Another great article Shantal. You rock!!

      1. Hello Sarah, I am desperate because I was just served papers yesterday and my summon to appear in court is a week away, 6/19/19. I read your comments. But, I am afraid that they will place a judgment against me on my credit report. How do I handle this matter? Please help. Patricia

        1. Patricia, what was the result of your court hearing? I am planning to defend myself in July because my account was shut down due to theft. I can’t afford a lawyer, so wondering how smoothly your hearing went and what was the result?

      2. Thank you so much Sarah, you rock. If anyone who reads this and is wondering if Sarah is the real deal… she is. If you do exactly what she tells you you can beat these low lifes. I DID!!!!

        1. I appreciate that Bill!. Glad it all worked out for you. It is a scary situation to be in and I am happy I could help. Many people have called me from this blog. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need me.

          1. I tried to call the number that was stated above to get a hold are you Sarah but it just starts playing music and then says leave a message
            But does not mention your name at all, is the number above to contact you still valid I need help LVNV has put a levy on my bank account which is one with my son and I don’t know what to do or how to get out of it or what my next step is please help me

      3. Sarah,
        I would like to call you tomorrow. What is the best time to call? I have a process server trying to hunt me down to serve papers from LVNV. I don’t even know what it’s for. I looked on Casenet and sure enough I’m being sued by them. I can’t afford an attorney and would appreciate any help you can give. Thank you so much.

      4. My name is Susan Smith and I became disabled about 3 &1/2 years ago. Losing both of my parents,breaking my arm in 3 places and losing my job due to my disability for health reasons. This all happen in a span of 1year! In the mean time ,my credit went in the toilet as a result of not being able to work. I wasn’t able to keep up with my medical bills,my credit card payments . Every thing basically
        Went to shit! I never got behind the whole time! I was always on time with my payments.Then when you go from having a full paycheck to bringing in less than half of what you made, your whole world changes. It has been 3 years and I haven’t even put a dent in what I owe . I just don’t know what I should do. And than today I heard from LVNV about one of my creditors.And there trying to strong arm me over the amount that I owe my one creditor. I saw your name when I got on this web site and thought I would text you. Do you have any suggestions?

      5. Hey sarah i need your help with this lvnv company for a charge of from credit one just got
        Court papers go to court for a 768 bill they say they have right to it have a bill of sale and ever thing and i dont havr contact eith them but people say dont matter do i gave any luck or am.i screwed??

  36. If the debt is truly a debt that is beyond the statute of limitations for your state you have a slam dunk case for suing the attorney and his firm, as well as the purported owner(s) of the debt. FDCPA statutes, it is unlawful to attempt to collect a debt that is not collectible by law.

    Start consumer law attorney shopping as they will settle it easily on a contingency, consider at least answering the complaint stated above, MOST OF ALL DON’T TALK TO THEM. Because you can easily toll the time clock if you indicate the debt as yours.

    1. Yes, you can be taken to court regardless. However, they CANNOT garnish your disability funds unless it’s suitable for child support, student loans or taxes.

  37. I have never received any calls or letters from this company and out the blue I get a credit alert and they put a collection on my credit but it has no information, like when the account was opened, who the creditor is or anything, just the amount owed. So I don’t even know what it is.. Should I just dispute it with the credit reporting agencies? Thanks!

  38. I received a letter from this company under my ex-husband’s name and the last four digits of my social trying garnish from my current place of work…. what should I do?

    1. Beth. Do not waste a minute talking with collectors. Talk to a consumer law attorney and see if your documents they sent you are legit. Also please send them a very simple dispute letter within 30 days of receiving their claim. Good luck.

  39. I was served with paper from this company and I was planning on going to the courthouse to answer. All they sent me was a Statement of chargers that was made. Also it skip months of Oct to Dec 2016 and then another statement for January 2017. So what should I say once I go to the courthouse to answer?

  40. I just contacted this company and they said that someone put a cease on the account. It was put on my account by an attorney or credit reporting agency. I asked for a debt validation letter. They said that they cannot send a letter until I take the Cease off of my account nor could I obtain any information on the account. What should I do now? I told them to leave the cease on my account and my lawyer will contact them.

  41. I have received no letter from LVNV funding but got a letter from a lawyer regarding a recently filed lawsuit. It is in my madien name (married in 2007) so this must be very old. I looked up the lawsuit but no information other than filing is given. I haven’t got anything from them so have no clue what it’s in regards to. What should I do?

    1. You have to file a response within 30 days of being served or they win a default judgement. If they have already gotten a default judgement you can still file a motion to vacate the judgement. Good luck with them.

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