Avoiding Loan Modification Scams

Avoiding Loan Modification Scams

Here we’ll examine the loan modification scams that seem to be the most tempting, snagging homeowners time and time again.

Following the 2008 housing collapse, thousands of homeowners found themselves with mortgages they could no longer afford.

Many tried to stave off the inevitable foreclosure through loan modifications. Then they found out their desperation had led to them to fall hook, line, and sinker into a scam.

The housing market has since improved since those dreadful years following the collapse. However, there are homeowners who are still finding it difficult to pay their mortgages.

Therefore, scammers still have a breeding ground to use their unsavory practices. They take advantage of some of the most vulnerable people trying to keep their homes.

We’ll also give tips that homeowners should use as their guide to avoid these scams in the first place.

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What’s loan modification, anyway?

Before we go into the loan modification scams that plague homeowners, or the tips to avoid them, let’s first go over what exactly loan modification is.

Homeowners who fall behind on their mortgages have several options to avoid losing their homes. One of those options is loan modification.

A loan modification plan permanently restructures a mortgage by changing its terms. Those terms include a reduction of the interest rate and/or monthly payment.

Loan modifications can also entail conversion of the interest rate to one that is more financially feasible for the homeowner. For example, the modification might convert the rate from fixed to variable.

Some modification plans may also extend the length of the term of the loan.

Homeowners should be clear on whether or not they qualify for loan modifications. Seeking the help of a counselor is the first step.

Eligibility requirements include showing proving financial hardship. Homeowners may have to provide their lender with documentation of that hardship.

For example, if the hardship is the result of a job loss, the homeowner may have to furnish the severance letter. They may also require proof of income, recent tax returns and bank statements.

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They want a fee? Run.

Now that you understand what loan modifications are, let’s look at some of the most common scams run by these low-lifes.

Perhaps the most prevalent scam entails a so-called agency. It promises to help the homeowner obtain a loan modification for an upfront fee. This, in itself, is ridiculous, because homeowners can receive such counseling for free by simply contacting the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

So, homeowners who encounter people who say they can help them, as long as they pay, should run for the hills. These people are notorious for taking your money and then running off.

Red flags about these scammers include them insisting the homeowner not contact anyone about the agreement they are trying to reach with the homeowner. Also, these scammers can be so egregious as to ask the homeowner to pay whatever mortgage payment they can muster up directly to them instead of to the lender.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Homeowners in debt to their lender should pay the lender, not some stranger.

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Useless, fancy titles

Then there are so-called forensic loan auditors mortgage loan auditors, or foreclosure prevention auditors. They say they are supported by forensic attorneys.

That’s so professional-sounding, it’s no wonder they are often able to dupe even the most astute homeowner.

Regardless, they are as crooked as they come. They may offer to review a homeowner’s mortgage loan documents. They claim this determines whether their lender complied with state and federal mortgage lending laws.

The Federal Trade Commission explains that these “auditors” may tell the homeowner that they can use the audit report to avoid foreclosure, accelerate the loan modification process, reduce loan principal, or even cancel the loan.

The best way to spot and avoid these fraudsters is to understand their false narrative.

First, homeowners should know that there is no evidence that forensic loan audits will help them get a loan modification. This is even if they’re conducted by a licensed, legitimate, and trained auditor, mortgage professional or lawyer, according to the FTC.

These so-called forensic auditors are known to tell homeowners that they can sue their lender based on errors in their loan documents. Then they’ll tell the homeowner that if they win, the lender must modify the loan to make the payments more affordable.

That is not true, warns the FTC. There is no such requirement.

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“Well, they kinda sound like a legitimate agency”

“Hi, I’m with the Federal Homeowners Assistance Bureau and I was told by your lender to contact you regarding your delinquent mortgage.”

Well, that sounds official, right? This is where Google could be a homeowner’s best friend.

Scammers are becoming very savvy in seeking out their victims and using official-sounding names like the one used in the quote above. Some are even becoming bold enough to use federal emblems or logos on fake websites they build to reel in unsuspecting homeowners.

Homeowners can quickly learn the legitimacy of a company by doing a quick internet search, and/or by contacting their lenders.

The Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) points out that these scam artists may use such terms as “federal,” “TARP,” or other words or acronyms related to official U.S. government programs.

The agency goes on to note that “these tactics are designed to fool homeowners into thinking the scam artist is somehow approved by, or affiliated with, the government.”

Homeowners can avoid the fraudsters who claim to be offering plans that are “government-approved” or “official government” by contacting their lenders. Again, lenders are readied to inform homeowners on whether, or not, they qualify for any government initiatives to prevent foreclosure.

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Have you been the victim of loan modification scams?

Losing a home due to foreclosure can be one of the most devastating events to impact a homeowner. In desperation, homeowners may seek out or go for whatever offer they can to save their homes.

Unfortunately, scammers are waiting in the wings to swoop in with some offer that homeowners may be more than tempted to accept. The loan modification offer is one of the offers that scammers notoriously use to prey on unsuspecting homeowners.

Falling for one of these scam artists can make their financial situations even worse, potentially leading to the need for credit repair by a company like Lexington Law.

Legitimate loan modifications can happen for eligible homeowners, but they often come with wording like this:

  • “To get everything started, we just require a small, upfront fee.”
  • “Our loan modification program is approved by HUD.”
  • “Sign over your deed to our company and we’ll begin the process.”
  • “Don’t pay your lender directly anymore; just pay us and we’ll handle it for you.”
  • “We provide a 100% guarantee that you will get that loan modification.”

Homeowners facing foreclosure should keep in mind the old adage of “if it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

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129 thoughts on “Avoiding Loan Modification Scams

  1. Has anyone heard of Serenity Home Retention Department, or Point, also another one called Embrace.just want to make sure none of them are scams.

  2. We were/are victims of someone using our person/property information to commit mortgage of fraud on a federal home loan modification. Our local police could not help us but felt sorry for us the with issue. Any suggestions on how to address the issue?

  3. Has anyone worked with Simplex prep? They sound legit but I’m very speculative. They have not asked for any money upfront and told me I qualify for modification under the federal guidelines…

    1. I’d like to give you all some helpful advice as to how to avoid being scammed I was a loan agent before the crash and I loved helping people so I starting doing lia. Modifications because I wanted to help people not loose their homes and saw they had no idea what they were doing and the banks were stealing from people who worked hard and needed help I started working for these companies believing we were different they were different and we were truly doing what we were saying at first that was true later I found out I was being used like a piece of bait to pull people in and I learned I had to stay o. Top of my own processors and make calls to the bank behind their backs to ensure my clients were getting the help we promised so needless to say my heart felt so torn I want to help all of you so I will give you my 10 years of wisdom for free I pray it helps you all. Number one yes you can try to do it yourself or go to a non profit for free here is the problem with that ….the banks have income guidelines you must meet not too much not too little and there are ways to submit income and you may have income you are unaware of …once you give income it’s hard to erase what you have told them non profits submit paperwork and that’s all you can do that yourself and frankly probably should because they have no skin in the game and will loose your paperwork constantly and you will get very very frustrated and the odds of getting your file approved are very slim just being honest they do not help you by making sure you meet the qualifications before submitting I have had countless people come to me and when I look at their income they have a 2000 a month mortgage and make 2000 a month that is an obvious no you have to meet the qualifications to truly have a chance otherwise you will be turned down meanwhile if you are behind and not making payments the clock is ticking a sale date is approaching and your house could be sold or these mod cos will hold your file and not submit even though they have a full pack and wait for a sale date so they can charge you more money if you get your req in soon enough they will suspend your sale while under review if you are going to do this yourself or go to a non profit keep copies of everything and document every conversation who you spoke with etc etc and be prepared for the run around it takes a lot of time and patience and persistence and above all prayer ! As far as paying someone truth be very very careful follow up insist on periodic 3 way calls with you and the lender check up and make sure they really did submit if you hire someone Make sure you really trust them not blindly though and an honest person does not mind if you question or check up it’s the smart and wise thing to do if they get mad be suspicious I’m not saying you should constantly do it but when they say the file is submitted I would definitely have them get on the phone w you and the lender to confirm that so you an hear that from the horses mouth and true you don’t want to hire someone and tt the lender that does not work and you may sabatoge yourself by giving the lender info they should not have remember they are debt collectors and do not tell them you have 401j profit sharing or what you have in savings they will bleed you dry and still take your house to much money means you can pay us so I have more info but that’s it for now also you need someone who can help you in all areas and have good honest not overly greedy partners you may not qualify for a mod so maybe if you have enough equity you can do a bridge loan to get back on track,again much wisdom is required in making a wise decision beware of the fees and costs associated with this loan they know you are desperate and yes the charge more because of that but some of these companies are really crooks and some are legitimate business men and it is all upfront that’s what you need in order to make a wise choice next sale options we will talk about that nxt

      1. I totally agree with everything that you said. I really think that a lot of people need to take the time to do their research go online call their lender contact refinance agencies and do everything that they can possibly can to get the most possible information before making a decision. Sometimes when I contacted mortgage companies they asked me for a lot of information and then I had to pay for an appraisal but I really took the time to do everything that I could to fully understand the best steps to take to resolve everything when you are dealing with a situation with a mortgage I called Quicken loans. They were very easy to work with and they assisted me with the situation and getting my refinance done. I have worked on taxes for many years and so many of my customers and clients tell me about situations they are dealing with with their mortgage companies I always tell them to speak with a broker or someone that makes sense of the situation like myself and we can help provide an appropriate referral. The issue with these types of online forums is that you have so many people saying things and different opinions but nothing is really valid. The real purpose of this website is for the website to actually get advertising from other companies. So they use these forums for people to get information to make advertising dollars which at the end of the day does not make a lot of sense. I hope you take the time to read this and understand what I’m saying as it’s important to get the best possible information before making any decision.

        1. They have contacted me. I am suppose to make my first payment tomorrow . I am sick to my stomach after reading your comment. Could you give me a little more information please.
          Thank you angie H

  4. So after reading all of this I wanted to know what is the deal with the Porter Group? Are they legitimate or not as they also gave me a list of referrals but after reading all of this I feel sick to my stomach- My lender is not helping but they dont seem to be helping also- what do I need to do to get this resolved?

    1. I am a Michigan bankruptcy attorney. Two separate individuals informed our judge this week that this company advised them to file bankruptcy petitions on their own to stop foreclosure. Both of these people filed horribly deficient petitions, and both were called before the court to explain why their cases should not be dismissed. Both had paid Olympia a lot of money, and both are now facing additional costs and consequences. Please seek local help from qualified professionals, and don’t buy the line that these out of state companies will make local attorneys available to you!

  5. We are thinking about going with Olympia Law Group. My parents have really struggled this year because I have been in and out of the hospital because of being diagnosed with cancer. Our mortgage is with Rushmore transferred from Houehold (HSBC) several years ago. Rushmore hasn’t been very sympathetic to our dilemma, and I DO NOT trust them as far as I could throw them. We got a certified notice on intent to foreclose a couple of days ago. The strange thing is my mother was about to make a payment over the phone and the girl on the other end says that they couldn’t take it because it was a “final payment”, and we have to send it certified check. Apparently we’ve payed all the principle off, but the payoff is nearly 15k??? Besides we’re not really that far behind on our payments. We usually run like a month behind

    I felt so assured when I was contacted by Olympia Law Group, but after reading these reviews, now, I’m not so sure. Can anyone give me advice. Give us the contact information on a reputable lawyer? We really can’t afford much, because we can barely make our mortgage company.

    1. I am a real estate attorney in NJ. Over the years I’ve had many clients come to me with the same story. I’m way behind on my mortgage, hired a loan mod. company, paid them $3K upfront and nothing happened. I’m not here to solicit business, just to give a few helpful tips:

      1. Only you or an attorney can negotiate on your behalf with a bank. Never hire a company unless it is run by an attorney. Also, never hire a company unless you first speak with the attorney.
      2. Never give anyone your credit card or bank account information. Automatic payments are a no-no.
      3. Always get a Letter of Engagement from the attorney, clearing stating what you will be paying and your rights/responsibilities under the terms of the agreement.
      4. Never pay a large fee upfront. My rate negotiating a loan mod. is $2,500.00. There is a lot of work involved and the fee is legitimate. However, I only take $500.00 plus expenses (Fedex being a good example). The balance is paid only if a resolution suitable to the client is obtained. If not, I do not collect the balance.
      5. Modify means to change something. Almost everyone I speak with thinks a loan modification will lower their payments. Why would it? You’re way behind on your payments, meaning interest and penalties are accruing.
      6. Loan modification trial periods are usually 3 months, after which your payment goes up considerably (see #5). Always ask what your payment will be after the trial period ends. Don’t throw good money after bad by making 3 months of payments on a loan mod. you cannot afford.

      One last thing. Loan modifications are not magic. If your lender puts you in a loan mod. with affordable long term payments, those missed payments, accrued interest and penalties are still your responsibility. The loan mod. fairy didn’t wave her magic wand and make them disappear. Instead, a second mortgage for all the past due payments, interest and penalties is now on your property. In a few years when you go to sell the house, you will be in for a most unpleasant surprise. You might have 10’s of thousands of dollars or perhaps even $100K plus on a second mortgage that will pop up when your buyer’s attorney pulls title. So beware.

    1. I am talking to Jim Fox who said he is with EQP from Las Vegas. I have the exact same question. First he wanted $1000.00 per month for 5 months and that he would ensure our loan modification (which was denied by Chase last month) would go through because they knew how to make it happen. When we were ready to sign with them he suddenly said he needed $3000.00 upfront and another $2000.00 in 30 days.

      So does anyone know about these people?

      1. I’ve been helped by them after I was denied by my loan servicer (Nationstar/Mr. Cooper) and they did a great job with everything. I’d definitely recommend them.

        1. I am also currently speaking to Jim Fox from EQP and yet have finalized anything. Trying to get more info on the company before agreeing/signing onto anything. Have you gotten any updates? What happened to your old loan if you not paying that lender and just EQP?

      2. First of all Jim Fox does NOT work for EQP!! All he does is try to recruit ppl to them. And OMG I wld NEVER pay that much! Actually I can get free help from HUD! Bt anyway Jim Fox offered us EQP’s help at $800 a month for 5 months bt then I guess his boss is a Chicago Cubs fan and found out we are also so he gave us a discount and lowered the payment to $750 a month. Both Jim Fox the 1st rep from EQP we had Megan, the 2nd rep we had Tina, the manager Anna and the manager Dan all said we wld NOT lose our home and they guaranteed that!!!!! Well all I can tell u is that is 100% true!!!!! And that is bc if they cnt get your lender to agree to give you the modification they recommend you to file chapter 13 bankruptcy!!! And by the time that happens you really have NO other choice bc your lender now has a sale date on your home! Please trust me on this!! I just got our money back from EQP!!! Manager Dan Brown(if that’s even his real name) told me all of this. He said he was giving our money back bc he said Jim Fox shldv told us abt the bankruptcy in the very beginning. The. He asked me if we knew abt this in the beginning wld we have still gone w EQP? I said honestly …… hell NO! And I also said u guys claim that u never have lost anyone’s home either. He said ur rt we never have bt that’s bc if we cnt get the lender to modify then the home owner files chapter 13 to save their home. I am soooo glad that I kept calling in to find out the status of things bc I never wldv found these things out. See what happened was I was finding out that the reps were not doing anything that they said they were doing so I asked to speak to their supervisor. I dnt play games when u say ur gna do something do it! Well bc I’m like that I found out all this other stuff!! And if anyone wants proof I have everything from email and txt messages!! Stay away from EQP!! And Jim Fox! When I called him and asked him Y he didn’t tell us abt the chapter 13 he said “Ok. So what do u want me to do say I’m sorry.” WOW!!! IDC I got our money back and now HUD has contacted our lender bc what they are doing to us is wrong and guess what it’s costing us $0!!!!

        1. Sorry I meant to type U can get free help from HUD!! And when at the end I said IDC I meant towards EQP cz I knw they feel I didn’t give them a chance that I was impatient etc. Bt I really wasn’t I just didn’t like when I was told they were gna do something and then never did it. Or when I wld call and the person had absolutely NO clue what’s going on bt yet u are in charge of my acct! It had nothing to do w being impatient at all…… I just didn’t trust them anymore w our home. And then finding out abt the whole chapter 13 bankruptcy no way!!! Deal was OFF!

        2. I read your post about EQP. We were starting the process and paid $900 so far to EQP….that is until I read this and spoke to my lender who also warned me about shady loan modifications. I had no idea about the whole bankruptcy thing!!!! I spoke to Anna and questioned her about it and she kept referring me back to, and re-read the “welcome” call that we initially received that says they “don’t promise anything”. I know now that she was hearing the panic in my voice and talking about the Act 13, so this is why they play this for you in the beginning….so you can’t come back and say, “but you promised”. It releases them of liability. So we cancelled the agreement…..they are refunding part of the $900 (they said $200 was used for processing fees). How long did it take to get your money back?

        3. This customer cancelled and did receive a refund. Keep in mind that someone is complaining about a company doing the right thing. We are good people and its 100% unfair to take time to criticize us and our legitimacy the the truth is that Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a legitimate option to save a home. So when we spent HOURS on the phone with this woman and after everything being 100% honest with her we provide a refund and she still complains makes 0 sense. We understand and respect her opinion, but telling the truth to someone should not be a reason to complain.

      3. Plz look down for my response. Jim Fox offered us help w EQP for $800 a month for 5 months then gave us a discount $750. Bt there is more so plz read…..

      4. This is the Management responding directly. The cost quoted changed because you forgot to mention that you had a sale date on your property. When someones home is about to be sold a payment plan is not possible. So this change in cost was because the sale date was never initially mentioned. Also please keep in mind that Mr Fox works for an affiliate company who refers to us. It would be appreciated if people called the company directly that they were hiring instead of going online and never reaching out directly for clarification.

      1. I had the identical experience with EQP! I was recruited by Justin Rose. He assured me that this group would call my lender and secure a loan modification. I was not to contact the lender or make any mortgage payments. I thought that this would save me from foreclosure. The contract was $5000 for 5 months with $1000 up front to start work on my case. I called Justin back 3 times after I paid, signed the documents. I knew something did not sound right when I asked him was this “Guarantee” legit? He said yes! The contarct states “No Guarantee”. I look for EQP web site. Their site is a JOKE! The company Justin works for is called Home Improvment and they also have a bogus web site! I immediately called my bank and Stop the payment! I cancelled my card. They went so far as to file a claim and got the $1000! I wrote requesting a REFUND! and TERMINATION of the contract! Idid not want to waste my time talking to people who do something like this to people who are in distress! They said that they sent the money back to my bank! I still haven’t seen it! I have since reported them to The FTC and BBB for their fraudulent practices. DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT engage the services of this group. RED FLAG: when they want money up front! Call 888-995-4673 for Help! It’s FREE! I pray you do not get caught up with these people. And I pray all who read this God bless and may you find relief in your situation!

        1. This is the Management of EQP,
          This individual hired us and then cancelled and charged back his payment without EVER asking for a refund. His credit card company made the decision that his chargeback was invalid so they reversed it. When he contacted us we refunded his payment in full. This whole situation would have never happened if he just called and cancelled with us directly. we are NOT a scam in anyway as we refunded his money. Even his credit card company decided that his chargeback was invalid and determined we were legitimate, but we still refunded his money. Its unfortunate that someone has to make false claims about good people. Companies who are illegitimate do not work with people.

    1. I’m dealing with then too. I just don’t trust people l don’t know. Their supposed to be Friedman Law?
      Please let me know if you find out anything l contacted the BBB for answers.

  6. Mr Cooper denied my loan modification saying that I couldn’t afford the home I have been living in for 15 years. They wouldn’t accept any payments while they stalled me out on the modification. Now they’re asking for all of the mortal age payments missed while I was dealing with this. I got sick wasn’t working (hospitalized). I want to save my home but I have no idea what to do now or where to start.

      1. Mr. Cooper is my mortgage company, and i was given til the last day of the month to make my payment and on the last day they turned off the online payment option. I called them and they said yes i had until the last day but why didn’t i call and pay earlier. I stated I had until the last day and that’s when i got all the money. They said the same thing over and over again then said they not gonna reverse the decision. Im trying to seek a lawyer.

  7. Has anybody dealt with Amerihope Alliance in. Florida or a law firm in New. Jersey that just faxes applications and charges monthly fees, denial after denial. I am looking for NJ people who have been ripped off in my area by these. Companies. There are laws and charging money to lose needs to be enacted into congress against these scams and lawyers that charge and continuously lose making desperate people keep paying them. If you are these people, my email is open for conversations. Thegreycliffs (at) gmail [dot] com -Katherine

  8. Has anyone dealt with CNN the Legal Network – offices in Lisle, IL.? They broadcast daily on a radio show proclaiming help and relief, however, take your case and money and fail at basic communication.

  9. Has anyone dealt with asset retention group? I got a call about a old loan from over a decade ago. They said I could get arrested and sued for theft and breach of contract. I had to pay $400 the next day and been paying $285 a month and have not received any receipts or anything. I called the bank today and they gave me this name for the listed company for the transaction every month

  10. Im having trouble with Shellpoint mortgage servicing- they forced me into a loan modification and have stolen all of my equity. How can I get help How can I report them? There are several other states filing class-action suits against them- wouldn’t this be a federal class action suite? Lawyers want thousands of dollars to represent me- Shellpoint just took $95K from my equity. My home is all I have

    1. Yup. Scam. Scam. Scam. My husband and I did. We signed an authorization for our mortgage company to release information to them for ONLY 6 months. They FORGED our signatures when the 6 months was up. They wanted us to lie to our mortgage servicer SPS Servicing (we can’t stand them either) that I had not found employment again. They changed our address in NH to their address in California so were weren’t receiving any demand letters from our mortgage servicer. Meriquest got angry when I started asking them questions. My husband had to cash in his 401k to save our house from foreclosure. I wish 8 knew how to sue this company and employees. If you Google earth their address it does NOT exist!
      Hope this helps.

    1. Hello everyone, did you read the article above or just start typing? All of these groups mentioned below are scams. You can get legitimate counseling from a HUD approved foreclosure prevention counselor for free. Just go to the HUD website for more information. These counselors are trained and will be able to assist you in determining what is possible in your situation and they are licensed by HUD so they are legitimate. Try them, you’ll be glad you did!

  11. Synergy Law LLC , out of Washington DC is a scam. They are slow, take your money and don’t help you at all. Then when you cancel with them they still take money out of your account and refuse to refund it!

  12. Has anyone heard about Law Reliance Center? They asked the same thing. 4 1000 dollar installments over 4 months, does anyone know if a scam?

      1. I have been contacted by a John and a Mike. It does sound too good to be true, because I “qualified” within minutes after telling them of my situation. I find the website but it just shows pictures of the building they are supposedly in, nothing with the actual name. I haven’t paid anything but they did tell me not to tell the lender I am speaking to them and to not make anymore payments to the lender. I stopped talking to them after that as it didn’t sound right.

    1. scam! don’t do it! they are engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, improperly giving legal advice about active foreclosures when they have no right to do so, and you will lose your home.

  13. Has anyone dealt with American Property Solutions? I kept telling my husband not to send in the paperwork they wanted him to send and he sent it anyway, now they have all his bank account info and his tax return info and I am so scared that our home will be taken away.

    1. I have just been dealing with American Property Solutions based in California. I have been sensing some bad vibes after the second phone interview. I looked them up and the address I got from the docs they sent me, is a post office box. RED FLAG. I am looking to lower my interest from 5% to about 3%. They promised 2%. So far they have not asked for any upfront money. But I am sensing that is coming. My “social worker” just sent me a Cease & Desist letter to sign. I informed him that I will contact after speaking with my mortgage company.

      1. DO NOT USE THEM…They, as well, are a scam. I sent in all paperwork, except the $$$. Upon reading the contract, I had so many questions that they couldn’t answer. Told me to pay them my monthly mortgage and not my lender! Then told me I wasn’t to call them…
        I also found out they use their address on my credit report as a place I lived…………I had to get my attorney involved


  14. Has anyone ever used Goldman Services in California?

    I started with them to restructure my mortgage with Chase Mortgage. Things seemed to be going well until I received a notice from Bayview Financial stating Chase had sold them my mortgage and they were going to foreclose on my mortgage.

    Goldman told me that Bayview cannot foreclose as long as I am making payments to Goldman.

    I have tried to obtain more information on Goldman Services however, they do not show a business location on their web site and the address they gave me to send my payments appears that it might be a post office box in a location that seems like it is a street address.

    Bayview Financial has numerous pages of complaints so I have not contacted them directly, Goldman Services claims they are working directly with Bayview.

    1. i had the same thing happen to me. chase sold to Bayview. then my dumb*** thought i was getting help from this mortgage mitigation place and cut them a check for 8000. thats what i was behind. i lost my home. i was told i should have only payed Bayview and since it was in the courts already i could have saved my home in court. i got scammed. been so hectic since i havent had a chance to file a complaint or anything. im still homeless now. i read this and just had to reply to you.

  15. Has anyone heard of AMERICAN property solutions, They say they work on your behalf to get a modification but ask not to have contact with the mortgage company and to send them the reduced payments monthly, not to the mortgage lender, and the address seems to be a P.O. BOX in California. I can’t find anything out about them but they have a great website.

  16. I would tell anybody in the above comments not to go through any of these loan modification companies, and just go directly through your mortgage company or lender. If it falls through your best option really is to file for bankruptcy or give up the home.

    There are no two ways about it, these companies are scammers. All they do is ask you for money upfront. They don’t do any of the work. Like Synergy law and the rest, you should not fall for the scam. No one should ask you for money upfront and everything should be negotiated within the loan modification.

    Please take my advice. I went through this with Synergy Law. They are nothing but crooks, in fact they are in bankruptcy. They took my keys while they were in bankruptcy and they’ve lied and lied about hours they put in to work, but they did absolutely nothing. I was only one month behind on my mortgage when I asked them for assistance for a loan modification. All those months I was paying them instead of the mortgage company I got so behind the mortgage company was threatening foreclosure. They did not receive any correspondence from Synergy law regarding a loan modification.

    1. Synergy Law told me they needed $1250.00 to start my case and $600.00 a mo. til case for loss mitigation is completed. Usually takes 4-6 mos. I was told I had been accepted for the first 2 compliance depots and I just needed to send the list of documents they will email me, and as soon as I pay the 1250.00 they will start my case. And when I asked about paying the mortgage and what they wanted, they told me they couldn’t tell we what to do or not to do. They said there was no guarantee if I sent the mortgage payments in that they would go to mortgage payment or to pay foreclosure costs. I don’t know what to do….HELP


  17. Trying to find anything on National Home Counseling Center? I’m trying to get a home mortgage modification and they want money for legal fees upfront.

    1. Yes they are scam artists. The real owners name is Matthew Mascarenas. The original group was called Millenium Modifications. The State of Florida issued a cease and desist and he claimed that he went out of business. He changed the name to The Porter Group, LLC. This he stole from someone in the State of Florida. He claims to be Bruce Porter and a cast of other people that don’t exist. Bruce Porter actually does exist but has no tie to this fake company at all. I have documentation showing that Matthew himself registered the website. There are multiple cease and desist orders against him in other states. Some have been issued under the fake name Bruce Porter. He has tried every ave to try and use positive feedback pages. Most have been removed. He then changed his name to The Rock CG of South to try and fool the BBB. All positive fake reviews he had there were removed and the account still is there with alerts on the account. The BBB is the fox guarding the hen house so don’t trust them to give you accurate information. Everything has been turned in to the FTC and the State AG. He is still sitting in the state of Florida while doing this against a court order and just pretending to be someone else. He has scammed a bunch of people. Desperate and old people. A few years ago he was featured on a news station in CO . The man lost his house. Do not give him any money.

      1. This concerns me. Porter Group, LLC sent me a list of references and asked several references to call me, which they did. My gut tells me I should bypass this organization and continue to work with my mortgager, Chase, to solve my issues. I tried to check with the BBB but there’s no record of the Porter Group, so I sent them an email to request their latest information on this company. I did locate Rock CG of South, but it’s inactive. Maybe I should check with the FTC and the State AG. Does anyone have any additional information about this company?

  18. Anyone hear of Nationwide Home Advocates? They seem legit but want me to make a first installment to them (NHA) for 997.00 and not to my home lender. Sounds fishy. Any input would be appreciated.

    1. RUN, they are not legitimate and will take your money for nothing! I work in default with a mortgage company and one of the loans I work with had the same scam played on them. They took him for three payments of $1797, which was all for nothing.

  19. I am currently working with nationwide retention center. Does anyone know anything about them? Sure hoping they’re legit.

    1. Hello,

      We are looking into Nationwide Retention Center as well. Have you found them to be a legitimate company? So far, our research does not show much about the company on the web, and we could not find them on the BBB website… Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

      1. I too would like to know about them as I found them and they seem legit. They don’t want any money up front but they said if I was approved it would cost me 4 payments of $1000. So if anyone could help that would be great. I have been trying to get a loan modification through my lender but any information I give them is never good enough. This company says they specialize in fha loans.

          1. I worked with Nationwide Retention Center to save my home, and I can tell you for sure they are not a scam. They literally saved my home. It did take 4 months and I was denied by my loan company twice before I contacted Nationwide, and they got me approved and saved my home. I am so grateful.

      2. I sent these people 5 payments of 697.00 dollars and got nothing in return. I am facing losing my home because they couldn’t get a loan modification. I have requested a refund and they said I had no refund coming. I sent 5 of my mortgage payments and they kept it. I have the attorney general and Bbb looking into this. I am pretty sure it’s a scam. Stay away from them.

        1. I don’t know why anyone is saying its a scam. If you follow their directions it may take some time but they will get a plan like they did for me. They saved my home I recommend the to anybody.

  20. Has anyone been contacted by Consumer Affordability Solutions? We talked with a Jonathan and some red flags went up. Not sure I want to pursue.

  21. Has anyone delt with or heard of National Home Counseling Center? They are saying they will stop a sale date on my home and want money upfront.

  22. Hello James,

    Just because you did not retain our services due to financial issues does not mean we are a “scam”.

    If the proper research was done you would have seen our BBB website with all the positive reviews and homes we have saved. Please do not put a bad name on a company and also an agent that has helped hundreds of homeowners who have thanked us countless times. If you went through the whole process you would have seen first hand how much we care about every single homeowner. Defamation of character is a crime, especially when you have absolutely no proof of this other than an assumption. You’re also not allowing other homeowners who need assistance to move forward based upon your false accusations.

    Here is a link to our BBB, a legit review website that is verified. Not one bad review. There is your proof:


    1. I don’t think that person was trying to defame your character as much as they were trying to get information to protect themselves from consumer fraud, just as they should be doing. You should be praising them for due diligence and the initiative to investigate you so they don’t get burned. There is nothing wrong with that. Frankly I think your response is awfully defensive. Good looking out to the consumer I say!

  23. I was contacted by Tristate Financial Services for America, located in Southhamton NJ. Anyone heard of them? Trying to find out if they are legit.

    1. Hi I was curious if you ended up using acceptance legal group? My dad is nearly 80 and insists that they are helping (he has already paid $6000!). His home is now in foreclosure. I think they are a scam but can’t yet prove it. Any info you might have found out or heard would be appreciated.

      1. They came through for me and my family Wendy. It took about 6 months which was not there fault ( bank dragged there feet) but in the end everything worked out. It was a very stressful process due to my bank and the crap they were putting me through but I must say I had a great experience with this company. just make sure your father is in close contact with them in regards to anything they need. Hope this helps

      2. If unsure I suggest you contact BBB, Secretary of State, check IRS and state to see if they are a registered business, and I would also suggest doing a google search and check various references. You have a right to ask any business for physical proof of actual success as well as references with phone numbers and contact information, and do use them.

        My fiance was contacted by Acceptance Legal Group, and even if they have a lot of good reviews on google, there were still red flags. So I tried to look up their business and have not found any ein + employer identification number with the irs, which is required when your a business and you pay taxes. I do animal rescue and also took some legal classes and learned to research everything before making a decision, and glad I do. I asked the agent my fiance was talking with for the ein and he stated he first of all knew nothing of it and did not even know what it was, then he said they are not a debt collector so they did not need one.

        I went on to explain what it was and it is required, and he got very defensive and offensive…. Doing more research yet and not liking what I am finding. I would contact an attorney right away and explain everything and let them know as well that Acceptance Legal Group address is a virtual address, and when pulling the name up the name Sabar legal group and falcon legal group names come up with same address and similar complaints of being charged a lot of funds and telling them to not pay mortgage and then house goes into foreclosure while they supposedly did not even contact the mortgage company.

        I say they are a scam, especially not knowing a business thing like the ein number and that it is required to be registered company to make as much as they do, and there is no acceptance legal group on bbb nor does it match any records for secretary of state for California. I am doing more research but this is what I have come up with so far. I am also going to contact someone from the irs and state of california about this as well. If they have received as much in funds that I am reading and a lot of homes are lost with similar stories there is something not right.

        We will be working with our lender to try to handle our mortgage instead of going through a group like this. Most lenders are willing to work with you if you show you’re trying, and as long as you stay in contact with them and be honest. And yes, some won’t work with you… there are organizations out there that will help you for a lot less if anything at all to help you keep your home.

        1. I have done extensive research on this company and I was able to find their information, their EIN # etc.

          I am a client of this company and I was very skeptical because the process took very long. The lender was lying to me about who was actually working on the file. When we called on three way, I had caught the lender in a series of lies and have now filed a complaint with the Attorney general regarding the lender.

          Most lenders ARE willing to work with you because they know that you are NOT smart enough to submit a correct package to the lender.

        2. Very interested in learning more about Acceptance Legal group. I am an attorney representing someone who was “being helped” by ALG and now his home is in foreclosure. Any information you have would be appreciated as the company appears to have shut down at the end of last year.
          Dan Kidd

          1. Dan,

            I am also a lawyer looking into Acceptance Legal Group. I am licensed in the state of New Mexico. I tried to look up your contact information but could not find you. Send me an email and let’s see if we can share information.

            Brwyn Downing

  24. We currently have our mortgage loan with Ocwen. We purchased our home in 2003 and recieved a loan through Countywide Home Loans for $363,000, our loan was then transferred to Litton Loan Servicing and now Ocwen. The problem I am having is that we currently owe $430,000 which part of the balance is $132,000 in fees that we have been charged. The question I have is if we signed a loan modification which the $132,000 is listed as Deferred Principal is there any way for us to undo the contract? I have been back and forth with the lender for the past 9 years regarding the outrageous fees that were are being charged. There is a lot more to our situation but I am limited on the space. Is there any hope for us or do we just pay. We are currently not behind on our mortgage.

    1. Ocwen is the worst! Look them up. They are just a service company for your loan company. They have been suied for wrongful foreclosures. I am currently facing this problem. Had to hire an attorney.

      1. Mr. Cooper/Nationstar has those fees too. Their attorneys send 25 pieces of the same mail in 1 day. All state the same thing. Out of those 25, 5 are sent by regular mail and the rest are certified. They charge $5.00 for every certified piece. Also, they have their inspector inspect my property every week at $50 a visit. They are charging me all of these fees.

    1. Yes. I have heard of Canyon Capitol Corp. I received an e-mail from them regarding a home loan modification. Are they legitimate or scammers?

  25. My sister recently tried to consolidate her loans with Gateway Certified Loan Pro and has already paid more than $40. Can anyone tell me if this is a scam?

  26. Anyone reading this pay CLOSE ATTENTION! No borrower that has a delinquent mortgage is required to utilize a third party to facilitate a loan modification from their mortgage lender UNLESS the borrower is filing BANKRUPTCY (chapter 7 or 13) in which it would be the borrower’s own attorney being selected as a third party contact. Please know how the scam works to the advantage of these fraudsters before ever reaching out to a 3rd party company claiming to provide assistance with a loan mod- the scammers are get smarter and are using new tactics to get victims to fall for the scam- even SUSPECTING BORROWERS- they are using names of companies that are legitimate or were legit at one time. They are now using data mining companies to set up their phony websites, e-mail address, phone numbers, etc. These “data mining” companies are also responsible for doing all of the “fishing” for potential victims by combing public records looking for notices of default filings- then they set the trap by sending the victim a “modification” package containing all kinds of disclosures and agreements to sign and return. Within these packages there will always be what looks like a normal “Borrower’s Authorization” similar to ones you would see when applying for an actual mortgage, HOWEVER, this authorization is actually a CEASE AND DESIST ORDER demanding the victims lender to cease all contact with the borrower- this is the ONLY DOCUMENT the scammers will submit on your behalf! Needless to say your lender will not even ATTEMPT to contact you with options of obtaining a mortgage loan modification and by the time the victim or the lender realizes the company is not legit it’s often too late- the victim’s home is heading for Sheriff’s sale and the scammers are long gone making it merely impossible for law enforcement to track them down. If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage always reach out to your lender first! In wake of the housing and mortgage crisis most lenders have established housing counseling and loss mitigation teams who specialize in home retention. If you receive mail correspondence or even e-mail correspondence from a company that appears to be legit but is requesting payment for their services in relation to obtaining a loan modification from your lender I would suggest contacting HUD, your state’s attorney general’s office, and the Federal Trade Commission to report it.

    1. Contacted California State Attorney General’s Office regarding Smith Newport Law, pc.. and Ditech. I filed a formal complaint. I was told to file in small claims court. So much for stopping these thieves. People kill themselves over this type of crime. Bottom line: NO ONE CARES.

  27. I contacted Retention Advocacy Group because I received a solicitation in the mail. I called to see if they could help me with a loan modification which I had applied for through my mortgage company, DiTech Mortgage. DiTech was dragging their feet and I needed someone to help me move it along. I spoke with a Ryan Evans (curiously, when the call came through my cell phone, it showed up as “Russia”). Further along in the process, after several conference calls, I was approved by their legal department and “Anthony Green” of their underwriting department. I was sent a contract and was requested to pay in excess of $900 a month for 3 months to show my good faith. I had the good sense to start to put together all the “red flags” and didn’t pay them anything.

    1. So glad I saw this today! I contacted these people because of a letter in the mail, and have been speaking with Ryan Evans as well. I assumed they were with my mortgage company from the mailing, and I sent them my mortgage statement and check stubs, and just got a call back saying I “qualify”. I happened to speak with someone from my mortgage company and they said they didn’t have any paperwork from me, which threw up the red flags and led me here. Thank goodness I saw this before continuing on!!

    2. Contacted my State Attorney General’s Office regarding Retention Advocacy Legal Group. I filed a formal complaint. I was told to file in small claims court. I paid them $3,500.00 to help me. So much for stopping these thieves. I lost my home since Emily told me it was normal to pay my modification within 90 days. That was a lie. Bottom line: NO ONE CARES.

  28. My brother and I had to deal with TriWest USA who my current mortgage rep told me to pay which was Rushmore. After they took me for $3,126.00 Rushmore quickly return the loan back to SLS to handle the issue. TriWest USA contact myself and my brother every day until the got the money, even had a so called Lawyer by the name of David or Dave Sharpio who actually spoke with SLS Rep. Now they have me behind and I just had a heart attack and I will not stop until they are brought to justice for scamming people.

    1. So was the scam by SLS or Tri West? Just wondering because my mortgage is with SLS and they were allegedly working on a hardship for me and I recently got a notice of Sheriff Sale for my property. SLS lied to me and when I just called they informed me there was nothing else they could do for me.

  29. I was scammed by my own Mortgage lender, Ditech Mortgage, Newport Law, from Irvine, CA. My husband passed away and I could no longer keep up with the payments. They set notices of default. Then Newport Law, aka Ditech Mortgage sent a notice to contact them to re-modify my mortgage payment for a fee of $5,000. They took “down payment” of $1,500 which I had to borrow. I was desperate. Ms. Liz Gomez would call me and keep me updated that she was working closely with Ditech Mortgage to lower my payments. This happened over the course of six weeks. She would call, but the very next day I would receive notices of auction dates. I researched and found out that Smith Newport Law was Ditech. They had no intention of helping me stay in my home. My home was posted on foreclosure websites with address, directions to my house and date of auction. I had complete strangers looking in my windows, walking up my driveway checking out my backyard. Not a safe feeling for a recent widow. I finally confronted them and notified the California Attorney General’s Office. Of course, I was told I would have to take them to small claims court to get the $1,500. Needless to say, I moved. Sad, I had lived there with my husband for close to twenty years. Never trust Ditech Mortgage. They are scammers. Never give money to anyone who says they will assist you with a HARP or HAMP remodification. It almost killed me. But, I got out and moved on with my life.

    1. A client gave money to Friedman Law Associates in Hauppauge NY for a mortgage modification. She never got the modification and cannot get her money back. The money was required before any work was done which is not legal.

  30. I was contacted by “Anthony Greene” of the Retention Advocacy Group (www.RetentionAG.org), offering to assist me obtain a mortgage modification @ Sep 12, 2016.

    He seemed quite professional and spoke proper English!

    Everything seemed above board until the final step when he sent me a contract to sign. It seemed a bit odd in that he said I shouldn’t contact my mortgage company, and they wanted @ $5,000 payment upfront!

    Surprisingly, I actually had sense enough to NOT continue!

    1. Hi James,

      We are sorry that you felt uncomfortable proceeding with the modification process.
      Our fee is not for a loan modification but a legal retainer that is billed accordingly for the services of Foreclosure Defense, in which a loan modification is a possible alternative. We do not ask for the retainer amount up front or in full but paid in installments after each phase is completed.

      Regarding contacting your mortgage company during the process of being represented, this only hinders or adds risk to your case.. We are aware of exactly what the lenders require in order to give you an ethical modification; however, if you provide any extra information to a debt collector hired by your lender you affect your chances of receiving assistance since they are required to use any and all information in collecting their debt. This disclaimer is provided to all clients who contact us when they are in delinquency with the mortgage. We can not legally tell you to not contact your lender, however we advise in our agreement that any communication with them during your representation can have grounds for breach.

      Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our process.

      1. They are all saying here we should never pay anyone other than mortgage company and if they ask for money upfront it’s a scam?

      2. Troy,

        You are just another scammer, hoping to continue on your path of scamming people. I spoke with an ***** because Synergy Law claimed he was their attorney in Texas, and I asked him if he was affiliated with Synergy Law and he said he had done a couple of cases. This is just one big ring of crooks. What a scam. But don’t ever misjudge karma, because the FBI, the DOJ, the BBB, and Attorney General’s office for Virginia, Missouri, DC, and Texas are all informed and I am so glad that criminal charges are being initiated and at least myself and three others were able to get our money back and are in the process of suing for damages. There is a universe that will bring you back where you wronged.

  31. Is there any way to get back the money that I paid the lawyer who promised to stop the foreclosure and get me a loan modification?

    1. If the scammer is an attorney, contact the Bar Association for the state in which the attorney is licensed. You can file a complaint with the Bar Association about the attorney. To find out where the attorney is licensed, try the state where the attorney is located.

      First file a complaint about the attorney. The Bar Association will ask for copies of docs. The best ones to send are any written agreement you might have signed, a statement of what you were promised, When and how you paid, copies of cancelled checks or relevant pages from bank statements to show your loss, any other information that you think should be reported.

      Second, if the attorney is investigated and is disciplined, then submit a claim to the Bar Association’s “client protection fund”. It may be possible to recover money you lost.

      This process takes a long time. Expect 1 to 2 years. It’s worth doing. Your complaint helps other people avoid the scammer. It can add weight to other similar complaints.

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