BRG Collections LLC

BRG Collections LLC

When a customer begins missing payments, companies will turn to third-party debt collectors to help pick up the slack. One debt collector that they may hire is called BRG Collections, LLC.

This year has created a number of financial challenges for people. If you lost your source of income due to the pandemic, you may have fallen behind on a few of your bills.

If they have started sending letters and leaving voicemails, it means that they are pursuing you for payment on a debt.

These advances are accompanied by a collection account on your credit report. This can significantly damage your credit score for up to seven years.

If you want to stop their collection efforts, your best bet is to remove this account from your credit report.

Doing so will eliminate any records of the debt and boost your credit score over time.

Keep reading for our full guide on how to deal with BRG Collections, LLC.

What is BRG Collections, LLC?

BRG Collections, LLC is a third-party debt collector that is headquartered in Roswell, GA.

They are characterized as a small collection agency, and they collect debts across the entire continental United States.

Some collection agencies cater to specific industries. But they tend to run the gamut regarding the types of debts they collect.

You may hear from them if you owe money on credit cards, utilities, telecommunication, banking services, retail, auto, and more.

Does BRG Collections, LLC Have Any Complaints?

Like a lot of debt collectors out there, BRG Collections, LLC has not been the recipient of customer love.

In fact, they have accrued a number of complaints with various oversight bureaus such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

So, what’s the issue? Customers complain that BRG Collections, LLC is guilty of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which is a law that sets guidelines for how agencies can collect a debt.

It’s wise to read up on your rights under the FDCPA because you likely won’t be advised of them by BRG Collections, LLC.

This way, you know when to file a complaint with the CFPB if they step a toe over the line.

If you are overwhelmed by dealing with negative entries on your credit report,
we suggest you ask a professional credit repair company for help.

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How to Deal with BRG Collections, LLC

Want to stop BRG Collections, LLC’s calls and boost your credit score over time? Here are the three steps you need to take to get a collection off of your credit report:

Ask for a Goodwill Deletion

With the way the economy is right now, a lot of people are having bills end up in collections when they otherwise wouldn’t.

If this debt constitutes something out of the ordinary for you, you may be able to get BRG Collections, LLC to grant you a goodwill deletion.

Goodwill deletions are hard to come by because most people don’t qualify for them in the eyes of a debt collector.

They may grant you a goodwill deletion if they feel that your late payments were due to circumstances out of your control.

It should be noted that a debt collector will only grant a deletion if the debt has been paid in full. If you still have a balance, you will likely get a firm no.

To ask for a goodwill deletion, write a letter to BRG Collections, LLC that breaks down the reason behind your debt.

Did you lose your job due to the pandemic? Are you struggling with a medical crisis? These are all things to mention to inspire sympathy from them.

Most people tend to adopt a hard exterior when it comes to debt collectors, and it serves them well most of the time.

However, this is a situation in which you should be more apologetic and gentler in your tone.

BRG Collections, LLC would be helping you out by removing their account from your credit report. Use this letter to get on their good side.

If that doesn’t work, then you can try a different approach.

Write a Section 609 Letter

If BRG Collections, LLC denies your goodwill deletion, your next step is to ask them to validate your debt.

Under Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the right to see what a debt collector sent to a credit reporting agency.

They are only allowed to report accurate and timely information, so you can have the entry removed if anything is inaccurate on BRG Collections, LLC’s collection account.

Start by writing a Section 609 letter to BRG Collections, LLC. You can use one of the many templates online to help you get started.

You should include basic information, such as your name and account number, to help them locate your account.

Per the law, you only have 30 days from the time you hear from them to request debt validation.

If you wait beyond that, they may ignore your letter and continue with collection attempts.

BRG Collections, LLC should respond to your request within 30 days and provide you with documents that list your account details.

If you find anything suspicious on these pages, you can file a dispute with the credit bureaus. They will investigate and remove the account if they find the entry to be inaccurate.

Strike a Deal with BRG Collections, LLC

Getting a collection account removed through evoking your Section 609 rights can be a long shot.

If that fails, your next step is to strike a deal with BRG Collections, LLC through a pay-for-delete agreement.

A pay-for-delete agreement is when you pay your debt in exchange for the collection account to be removed from your official credit report.

It may not be the easiest feat to negotiate a pay-for-delete, but you can be successful if you negotiate the right way.

Start by offering BRG Collections, LLC around 30% of the total balance. Don’t expect them to jump at this offer.

Instead, work your way up and insist that they delete your account in exchange for payment.

Once you come to a compromise, write out the terms and conditions and send it to BRG Collections, LLC for their signature.

Do not send them a payment on the debt until you have their clear and written agreement in hand. This will help bolster your case if they try to back out.

You should notice that BRG Collections, LLC’s entry will disappear from your credit report within a month.

If it’s still there after 30 days, give them a ring and let them know that they need to delete your account before you submit another payment.

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Ask for Help Dealing with BRG Collections LLC

If the above steps seem intimidating, you’re not alone. Many consumers choose not to handle debt collectors on their own.

Instead, many people turn to the help of credit repair professionals.

Credit repair companies are a lifesaver for people that aren’t confident in their abilities to handle BRG Collections, LLC alone.

They can identify negative accounts on your credit report and work with collection agencies to remove them.

There are plenty of credit repair companies out there, but it’s important to work with ones that will get the job done.

Personally, I recommend working with Lexington Law. They have years of experience with companies like BRG Collections, LLC, and they are well versed in ways to clean up your credit report.

We are always looking for new and improved ways for dealing with debt collectors. If you have any insider tips, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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