AFNI Collections

AFNI Collections

Have you recently received a letter or phone call from AFNI Inc collections?

Perhaps they were demanding payment of an old or non-existent debt even threatening legal actions. Don’t know what to do or where to start?

Don’t be fooled by the scare tactics collection agencies employ. You have rights.

In fact, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) upheld by the FTC guarantees them.

Collection companies sometimes prey on uneducated consumers. They may bully them into paying debt that may not even be theirs. It may be past the statute of limitations.

Nonetheless, once a collections account is opened on your credit report as reported by the three credit reporting bureaus, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax, the damage to your credit score can be devastating.

Some debt collection agencies try to collect on debt that doesn’t even exist.

Are you dealing with AFNI Collections and/or negative items on your credit report? Want them removed? Our research of the top credit repair companies can help.

Who is ANFI Collections?

AFNI began as a collections agency in Bloomington, Illinois in 1936. At that time it was under the name H.A. Slaven’s Collection Bureau.

Earl Anderson purchased it in 1976. Then they changed the name to Anderson Financial Network Inc. Hence, the acronym AFNI.

In 1985, Bruce Griffin joined AFNI as a general manager. Together with Earl Anderson, they began opening satellite offices around the entire country. Each satellite office reports to the central office in Bloomington.

They typically collect for telecommunications and cable TV companies. According to their own website, AFNI is a customer lifecycle solutions company. They state that they specialize in customer growth, consumer collections, and insurance subrogation.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) there are over 473 complaints with the BBB and nearly 2,800 with the CFPB, citing violations of the FDCPA.

What To Do After ANFI Collections Contacts You

If AFNI has contacted you about a charge off (or otherwise), do not talk to them on the phone. Do all communications through certified mail.

Even if the debt is yours, the statute of limitations may have expired. That means they cannot legally collect the debt.

The very first thing to do is make them prove the debt or negative item on your credit report is yours. You can do this by sending them a debt validation letter.

Collection agencies may try and collect invalid debts that do not actually belong to the consumer. If they think you are willing to pay they will pursue you.

If they prove the debt whether a credit card bill or overdue medical bill to be valid, then the collection agency must then prove the original creditor authorized them to collect the debt.

Send them an initial debt dispute letter if the debt is not yours or they cannot prove that it is. Federal law prohibits the collection agency from contacting you until they can verify that the debt is valid after they receive the initial dispute letter.

As always, be careful about providing personal information like your social security number or date of birth.

How To Deal With ANFI Collections

You should aim to avoid talking with a collector on the phone. Do all communications through certified mail at the post office. AFNI will more than likely back off, at least until they can prove that the debt is yours.

The act of sending mail claiming that you owe a debt that is not yours and demanding payment is mail fraud. They would rather you not pay them than be in trouble for committing mail fraud, which is a federal offense.

By sending all communications through certified mail, you will have records of what you sent, and that they received it. This is to your advantage.

If they continue contacting you after receiving your initial dispute letter, and you have proof that they received it, then they are harassing you and violating the FDCPA, and you can file a lawsuit.

The FDCPA regulates all collection agencies. Unfortunately, many collection agencies ignore the statutes outlined by federal law.

It may be in your best interests, depending on the actions of the collections agency to hire a lawyer. The collections agency will no longer be able to contact you and will have to do all communications through your lawyer.

If your debt is legitimate and you are willing to pay it, tell them that you will pay it in full if they remove the account from your credit report. Do not give them your banking account number.

Do not give them a single cent until you get this agreement in writing, otherwise, they will not remove it even if you had a verbal agreement.

AFNI, like any other debt collector (Cavalry Portfolio Services, for example) can contact you by phone, email, text, or letter. They may not, however, call you at inconvenient times such as before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, if you do not pay a legitimate debt, AFNI can sue you in court. If they win they will enter a judgment against you, which will state the amount you owe, and allow them to garnish your wages for it.

They can only garnish your wages after getting a judgment in court.

Always respond to a lawsuit, either yourself or through a lawyer, otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to fight a wage garnishment.

Your Rights When Dealing With ANFI Collections

The FDCPA guarantees the rights of consumers and limits the acts of collection agencies.

You have the right to be informed, and the collection agency must prove the debt is yours, that it hasn’t reached the statute of limitations, and that they are authorized to be collecting on the debt before you pay a single cent.

No matter what, AFNI and all other collections agencies are prohibited by federal law from pretending they are someone else like a government agency or attorney, and from harassing, threatening, or deceiving you in any way.

No collections agency may contact you at work if you explicitly tell them not to, either verbally or in writing.

Any harassing, threatening or deceiving acts violate the FDCPA, and a lawsuit may be filed against the company.

The statute of limitations limits the amount of time a debt can be collected. This time differs from state to state but is typically between 3 and 7 years, and federal law closes any loopholes by setting a 7-year limit.

Complaints Against ANFI Collections

AFNI has been accused by consumer reviews of using unfair, abusive, and deceptive tactics to get money from people, even if they don’t owe it.

The biggest and perhaps most fraudulent acts ANFI has been accused of include trying to collect on fake debts. There are hundreds of reports of people being harassed about a debt with a phone company that they never even had an account with.

The second biggest complaint against AFNI involves the agency potentially changing the dates on debt accounts to try and get around the statute of limitations. It is important to know the real date of your debt by getting a copy of the original bill and contacting the creditor directly.

If you make even a partial payment the statute of limitations will start over.

Most of the complaints about fake debts and debts past the statute of limitations are related to Verizon, AT&T, and Direct TV. All these companies use AFNI as a debt collector, but this does not make a debt notice by AFNI legitimate.

This is why it is important to make them prove that the debt is yours.

How To Remove AFNI Collections From Your Credit Report

One way to go about removing an AFNI collections account from your credit report as reported by the three credit bureaus, if the debt is legitimately yours, is to agree to pay the amount in full only if they remove the account from the credit report.

But do not pay them a cent until you have the agreement in writing. We cannot stress enough to get the agreement in writing.

Some collectors use crooked tactics and will agree to something, but if it’s not in writing they will back out.

If you have an agreement in writing and they don’t follow through, then you can file a lawsuit against them.

If the debt is not yours or the statute of limitations has passed, and they refuse to remove the account from your credit report, then your best option is to hire a lawyer.

There are many law firms that specialize in credit disputes.

AFNI Collections Contact Information

Here’s some more contact information on this company:

  • Headquarters Address: 1310 Martin Luther King Dr, Bloomington, IL 61701-1465
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 3097, Bloomington, IL 61702
  • Phone Number: (800) 767-2364
  • Website:

The Bottom Line

When dealing with AFNI or any other collections agency, it is important to be an informed consumer and practice your rights.

Always make them prove the debt is yours, and that someone has authorized them to collect on the debt. According to federal law, they must provide you with this information.

Do not communicate over the phone and instead do all communications through certified mail, keeping mailing receipts and records of all communications.

Don’t let the tactics of collections agencies get to you. It is their way of scaring you into giving them money. If you still need help, seek out a credit repair company to help take up the lion’s share of the work to clear your credit report.

Do you have any tips on dealing with collections agencies like AFNI? Please share them in the comments.

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18 thoughts on “AFNI Collections

  1. So where do I actually send the certified letter too? I got a letter with contact info the 1310 MLK Drive PO Box 3068 Bloomington, IL 61702-3068 but I assume that I can’t send a Certified letter to the PO Box. So do I just send it straight to the corporate building at 1310 MLK Drive? Or should I send it straight to the Headquarters, located in the same city but different address? I’m confused and want to make sure they receive my dept validation letter thru certified mail as law requires.

  2. Just file a BBB or CFPB complaint. Afni has a lazy compliance department that will not deal with those complaints in any meaningful way. They will remove your collection and reverse any credit reporting after BBB or CFPB accepts your complaint. Afni knows that only a small percent of people will do this, so their losses are minimal. Afni is a scumbag company that is run by dishonest people. Its best to take 20 mins and force them to leave you alone!

  3. Well this company seems pretty fishy to me because supposedly I have had 2 collections in my name from this AFNI and no other collection agencies and both collections they claim I have are both fraudulent. Something isn’t right!

  4. My granddaughter is away at school. To help her with living expe ses, I added her name to my credit card acct. She has received letters from 2different collection agencies. One stating she owed 500.90 to AT&T direct TV and one for 800 from AT&T U- VERSE. AT&T Direct TV said it was a scam and no acct was ever opened by her. Have not heard anything else from that company. Afni now is demanding information to prove identity theft. Naturally I am not giving her personal information. I spoke to a foreign person over the phone who said she had no information from U-VERSE about a debt for the amt. afni is trying to collect on. I have been unable to even get an address from U-VERSE To see if anyone could have opened an account in my granddaughter s name using my credit card number. I closed the credit card account that had my granddaughters name on it. Afni was so far unable to give any information that this debt really exists. To my knowledge, my granddaughter does not have a credit card in her name. The only information afni has is her name my address and my old credit card number. I have sent 2 letters with my granddaughter’s permission. Hopefully afni will give up harassing her.

  5. Received a call from a lady claiming to be with Allstate Insurance not identifying herself a debt collector. Was sent a letter regarding a subrogation claim from Allstate from 2017 for $10,700 dollars. Sent them 2 certified letters with a cease and desist order and verification of the debt one to the and the office in Bloomington. They are complying with this order. Even if you think the debt is yours, ask them to verify the debt and if you want to stop them calling, send them a cease and desist order and by law they have to stop calling you or harrassing you.

  6. I recieved a call this afternoon from AFNI asking for my mother. The man just left his number, and asked ne if I had another number for my nom I replied No, so then he proceeds to ask me if I had a good address and also replied no. I’m sure he’s calling on a AT&T mobile phone acct that has been paid off 100%, our proof are the reciepts and bank statements that the payment made to AT&T cleared. I meant to ask how the collector, How did he get my number to call my mom and try to collect on a paid in full debt, because I know for a fact that my mother never gives my number. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON MY RIGHTS? Thanks.

  7. I would advise anybody to never deal with these people. I received a letter back in December for a CenturyLink account that I had, and they made an agreement I need to make a one time payment of $64 and some odd cents. I was advised that this would not go against my credit and that the debt was settled. I have called to them, my bank, and CenturyLink and I keep getting the runaround with these people. Now it’s against my credit and CenturyLink has no idea who they are and there’s no proof that I’ve made payment. I might even sue these people.

  8. Thank you for this information. I received a call from AFNI. Luckily my phone rejected the call stating it is at high risk for scam.

    I know some people wouldn’t know what to say when a debt collector calls. My husband has informed me with so much information it isn’t funny. I have told a debt collector that until they can prove to me that they have the original contract in their hands without being a photo-copy, then yes I would pay for the bill. So far that debt collector has failed to provide me with the original contract. You can also look up the statute of limitations on bill collectors in your state and see what you can do to stop them. My state only goes back 4 yrs and after that they are not allowed to bother you again.

  9. Thank you so much for this article. They sent me a letter stating that I owed for an ATT account. I haven’t had an ATT account for 15 or more years. There should be a law to put these people in prison for lying and cheating people like this.

  10. They sent me a letter saying that I owe money from an AT&T account, with an address I never had. I am a current AT&T client, if I owe them anything they may disconnect my service. They asked me to send some information including my social security, which I won’t send back. This mentioned account is supposed to be from 2010-2012, for a P.O Box in Puerto Rico. I never in my life have used a P.O Box.

  11. Just had a letter…about Comcast….sent them a registered letter indicating everything you guys mentioned. Bet it’s not over.

  12. I’ve been receiving calls from them and I’d like it to stop. How do I get all the communication through certified mail if they are just calling? Do I answer and tell them to mail me a letter instead and then hang up?

  13. In writing to them for a Debt Validation letter I cannot find a legit address to send them a certified letter only a PO BOX which as we know does not hold up…Is there an address letter known for this vile company?

  14. Thank you for this article!

    I just received a call from a rep sounding very suspicious and asking my to verify my identity through an address I have NO CONNECTION TO!

    Then again with social security number and the answer remained NO! I just didn’t feel comfortable with any part of the call….

  15. I’m assuming AFNI buys (pays for) a consumers debt in full from a company who hasn’t received the payoff amount from their customers and if that’s so, why is the customer still held responsible for a debt they owed to a specific company if someone (AFNI) already paid off that debt the customer owed to that specific company? AFNI basically paid off your debt you owed just so they can receive monthly payments but technically your debts paid for and as long as you catch that and not cave into the “scary” debt collectors payment method you’re free and clear, right?

  16. Thank you for the article. Just had a call from AFNI on my cell at work. When answering a call from an unrecognized number, I have learned not to say “Yes” if they ask if you are……. You never know if this is a scam call, they can record your “yes” and use it for whatever purpose they want. Not saying that AFNI is a scam but you never know. Be careful in how you answer.

  17. Thank you so much for this article! They just hit me with something on my report today and this article is saving me so much headache and misery!


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