MBA Law Offices/CAPIO

MBA Law Offices/CAPIO

You may have noticed the name ‘MBA Law Offices/CAPIO’ show up on your voicemails and in your mailbox. If so, chances are you now have a debt collector on your trail.

MBA Law Offices is a law office and debt collector that works with health care companies to recover unpaid bills.

This means that your overdue hospital bill has finally come back to haunt you.

Debt collectors are a nuisance because of their aggressive collection methods. But they can have much more serious consequences on your credit.

In order to legally pursue you, MBA Law Offices has to contact the major credit bureaus and open up a collections account on your credit report.

Collections accounts indicate your history of loans, credit cards, and – importantly – nonpayment of accounts.

Anyone who requests a copy of your credit report will be able to see that you were pursued by MBA Law Offices for a debt.

This will allow them to make financial decisions accordingly.

The most important task when dealing with MBA Law Offices is removing their account from your credit history.

Doing so will stop their calls and letters, but it will also begin to mend your credit history.

Here is our full guide on how to deal with MBA Law Collections.

About MBA Law Collections

Short for Mitchell D. Bluhm and Associates, MBA Law Offices is a small debt collection agency and law firm that is located in Texas.

They were founded in 2008 and collect medical debts across the country.

MBA Law Offices is affiliated with another prominent debt collector called Capio Partners.

You may notice that both names appear on your collection account as MBA Law Offices/CAPIO.

If you are overwhelmed by dealing with negative entries on your credit report,
we suggest you ask a professional credit repair company for help.

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How to Deal with MBA Law Offices

Want to stop MBA Law Offices’ calls and letters? Here are the three best steps to make that happen.

Ask for a Goodwill Deletion

The impact of the pandemic has caused a lot of people to fall behind on various payments.

Although this is no fault of their own, they may find still themselves pursued by MBA Law Offices/CAPIO anyway.

If you can convince MBA Law Offices that your debt is a one-time occurrence due to outstanding circumstances, you may be able to get them to delete their collections account from your credit report.

Goodwill deletions are a form of debt forgiveness. It involves the debt collector removing their entry from your credit report out of goodwill.

You will need to pay the debt in full before they are willing to offer a goodwill deletion. But this will still help your credit in the long run.

To ask for a goodwill deletion, write MBA Law Offices a letter that lays out the reasons behind your debt.

If you were unexpectedly laid off or had an extraordinary medical expense, these are things you should list in your letter.

Whatever your reasons are, make sure that you are able to back them up with documentation.

MBA Law Offices will likely ask for this anyway, so it may be worth it to save them the trouble and provide it upfront.

Request Debt Validation

If a goodwill deletion isn’t possible, your next step should be to request that MBA Law Offices validate your debt.

Debt validation is a right that is guaranteed to you under the FDCPA. It allows you to ascertain whether MBA Law Offices is attempting to collect your debt cased on inaccurate information.

When a debt is transferred to a debt collector, it is fairly common for information to get lost or misconstrued in the process.

This means that MBA Law Offices may be trying to collect an incorrect amount or from the wrong person altogether.

You should still take advantage of your right to validate your debt even if you suspect that MBA Law Offices has the right information.

This is because if there is anything amiss with their debt information, you can file a dispute and have the debt removed from your record.

Start by writing a Section 609 letter to MBA Law Offices. This is the standard form in the industry for requesting debt validation from a debt collector.

It formally asks them to verify certain details about your debt, including the debt total and date of last account activity.

Make sure that your letter is postmarked no later than 30 days after you first hear from MBA Law Offices.

If you wait longer than this, your right to debt validation is no longer guaranteed.

MBA Law Offices should respond within 30 days of getting your letter.

If they cannot provide validation on your debt, they are required to contact the credit bureaus and remove their entry from your credit report.

Strike a Deal with MBA Law Offices

Securing a deletion through a debt validation may be a long shot.

If MBA Law Offices is able to provide validation on your debt, then your next step is to strike a deal with them to remove their collections account.

When you are required to pay back a debt, the major point of concern at that point is the debt collector’s entry on your credit report.

This account will lower your credit score and raise your interest rates for nearly a decade.

If you are able to convince MBA Law Offices to remove the account in exchange for payment, you will be saving yourself a lot of headaches in the future.

You will need to negotiate what is known as a pay-for-delete agreement with MBA Law Offices.

This is kind of settlement is pretty self-explanatory; MBA Law Offices will remove the account in exchange for payment on your debt.

Kick-off negotiations by offering MBA Law Offices half of the total balance on your debt.

This gives you a leveraging point and will make the collector more likely to agree to deletion at a higher repayment amount.

Once MBA Law Offices agrees to a deletion, draft a written agreement that clearly states the terms and conditions.

Make sure that you don’t make a payment on your debt without MBA Law Offices’ signature on this document.

Removing a collection account doesn’t happen immediately, so give MBA Law Offices 30 days to remove their entry after they receive your payment.

If you notice the account after this time, apply some pressure and remind them of the signed contract.

Ask For Help Dealing with MBA Law Offices

MBA Law Offices may be a small debt collector, but their impact on your credit score can be enormous.

By following the three steps above, you can remove their collection account from your credit report and start the process of rebuilding your credit history.

You can also work with a credit repair company if you don’t want to deal with MBA Law Offices on your own.

Here is our list of the best credit professionals in the business to help you choose the best one for you.

If you have experience dealing with MBA Law Offices, we’d love to hear your advice.

Leave your tips in the comments section below to help others rid themselves of MBA Law Offices for good.

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Does MBA Law Offices Have Any Complaints?

Since their founding, MBA Law Offices has had many complaints filed against them with various oversight agencies.

MBA Law Offices has 310 complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and 32 complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

They have also been involved in at least 5 cases of civil litigation over the years.

So, what is the issue with MBA Law Offices? Customers complain of rude customer service representatives, incessant phone calls, and failure to validate debts.

These are all classic infractions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

If you feel like MBA Law Offices/CAPIO is violating your consumer rights under the FDCPA, you can file a complaint as well.

Read up on what the FDCPA protects you against so that you can call MBA Law Offices out on their inappropriate collection tactics.

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